He’s A Poet And A Painter

Danno, who should be spending his free time finding world peace and a cure for the common cold, has been doodling instead and has come up with this little creation that suits me just fine.

So I’ve decided that when I own the team, I decree that this little crest will be sewn on the shoulders of the players’ jerseys and maybe their wives’ mini-skirts.

8 thoughts on “He’s A Poet And A Painter”

  1. Derry – Danno and I are going to have to track you down at one of the ten places you live at and give you a thunderous bodycheck.

  2. Dennis, that is also priceless…the logo, I mean.

    God, when is it hockey season again??

  3. I know, Jan. When is it going to begin. Seems like they’ve been on strike for a couple of years.

  4. Diane, of course you’ll get a jersey. Don’t forget – you’re upper management when I own the team.

  5. Dennis, maybe you satisfy your millions of fans around the world by putting out Dennis-Kane.com T shirts with your new logo on it.

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