Here’s To You, Historic Habs


I saw the Beatles at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966, and Janis and Zappa in Atlantic City in ’69.

I saw Led Zeppelin in Vancouver in ’73, and Evel Knievel sail over 13 Mack trucks on his motorcycle at the CNE in ’74.

NOn my TV in Orillia I saw the Kennedy assassination in ’63, and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in ’69.

And from my couch in Powell River in 2016, I saw the Montreal Canadiens have their lousiest season in 75 years.

The historic Habs.

Something to tell my grandchildren.

And their fifth loss in a row (forget the overall loss tally) was against the Boston Bruins, with good old Brad Marchand scoring one of four Bruins goals as his team rolled over the hometown Habs 4-1.

It’s the Twilight Zone, baby.

It was last year when Marc Bergevin gave Michel Therrien a four year contract extension that kicked in this season, at $2 million per, and which takes him to 2019.

This was the report at the time;

Montreal re-signed Michel Therrien to a four-year contract extension Saturday, two weeks after the Canadiens were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“It really shows the stability that [general manager] Marc Bergevin and [owner] Geoff Molson want to establish with the Canadiens,” said Therrien on a conference call. “We’ve progressed a lot over the past two years and we want to continue to progress. It’s a sign of confidence.”

Continue to progress. Yes indeed.

Oh, you like Michel Therrien and argue that it’s not his fault this team is on the fast track into the depths of hell? Do you think getting Jonathan Drouin is the answer instead?

I don’t want my historic times tampered with. So lose boys. And then charge fans for your autograph on your days off.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Bruins 39-24, with their lone goal coming from d-man Mark Barberio. The sharpshooters are still on their extended lunch break.

Next up – Habs in Toronto on Saturday. Imagine.

34 thoughts on “Here’s To You, Historic Habs”

  1. Originally I posted it as a 5-1 score but quickly changed it to the proper 4-1. But 5-1 or 4-1, what’s the &?@$# difference?

  2. I saw the Habs win the cup for the first time in 1966 and my first concert was by a Canadian group called Wednesday in 1970 . We watched in school in 1969 when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and a few games in the heralded 72 Summit series as well as so many other great memories with family friends and complete srrangers . Unfortunately at this point in time hockey has lst its glory and the so called heralded “Bleu blanc et rouge “have become like a useless Seinfeld episode “a show about nothing ” and pardon the curse but it really doesn’t fucking matter anymore , especially to this sad excuse of a team we call our own . As of now Max , P.K. And the rest , just fuck off you bunch of overpaid EXCUSES ! Sorry Dennis but from here on in its british dart league for me !

  3. DK, what’s left to say . I played on a beer league team won a championship& we could have beaten this team, played on a major junior B team in the Hammer & would have had no trouble slaying these make believe PRO’s. I for the life of me can’t understand what’s going on in that room. In all the years I’ve followed our team I can’t ever recall such a dramatic fall from first overall to a distant memory, it’s just a very sad state of affairs & I see no light at the end of the tunnel! FUCK IT I’M GOING TO BED.

  4. Never seen anything like it, Mike. And people were talking Cup contender a month and a half ago. Will we some kind of change in the following days, or is Bergevin too conservative for such rashness?

  5. Hey Joe. British dart league is good. Don’t they drink beer sometimes at these things? And what about a good cricket match? Trust me, we share the pain.

  6. Such a huge disappointment, Danno. It’s hard to believe. I thought this was a really good team. And if it actually is, then it’s a room/chemistry/leadership/coach problem.

  7. Losing to the Bruins in Montreal is not acceptable. Can’t wait for the explanation and plan to ensure it never happens again.

    And we may have lost Beaulieu to injury. The player everyone but our useless blind coach knows should be on our top pairing. Now if only his minutes could be replaced by a tall, strong, first rounder whose confidence hasn’t been shattered by an inept coach.

    Good thing Bergevin acquired an all-star division captain at the all-star game otherwise I might get severly depressed. Oh wait, he’s barely an AHL player representing another division in a game no one cares about.

  8. Yep, Christopher, as soon as I saw Beaulieu go down I thought of Tinordi. Yep, things are historic all right.

  9. Joe, I wanna get a magic bus and cruise to Morinville and add an Orillia flavour to the party. I’ll bring a case of 4 Aces sherry and a handful of acid.

  10. I don’t know much about much, but one has to admit that they can’t get a break. It makes NO SENSE that they continue this streak… God help us all if we lose to Toronto on Saturday. What’s next? Jerseys on the ice? Say it isn’t SO! 🙂

  11. Hey guys and girls you are putting in jeopardy my recent post about this being a calm place to visit…but I do understand completely. We all need to drink more…that will work…it’s 10:30 here and I will start the process….now what do I want at this hour…..rum..whiskey.….wine…geez the choices are never ending…we will win next game i think. This team is horrendous right now but there is way too much talent on this team to support the recent record…the coaching is an issue but that will have to be adjusted…don’t really think MT will be fired but he isn’t totally stupid…he knows he has to adjust and there are others in the administration that will force this change. You’ll see.

  12. One thing that will make this bearable is john Scott beating the living sh*t out of Kris Krieder once maybe twice will suffice. Even a minor concussion from a great big hammock punch to his stupid face that leaves a permanent scar would be marvellous. That’s all I want.

  13. I’d love to see Scott do a number on someone, Maybe. Kreider would be good. I wonder how he’d against Chara. What a team, eh? It’s hard to watch.

  14. Cliff, your idea about drinking is good. But maybe it’s not enough. Maybe we need hard drugs too. They’d better win in Toronto, but we know how the Leafs always play against them so it’s a wait and see. It’s not until Saturday so it gives us time to stock up on booze and hard drugs.

  15. I’ll bet you know more than you admit, Mona. You’re a good fan and you watch closely. In fact, when I’m owner, I’m hiring you for a management position.

  16. Chara is really changed. He is not the Chara of old. He is very tame. I think he realises that he is an elder statesman and cannot challenge someone like a John Scott or others like he used to. He is almost polite on the ice these days.

  17. Our biggest problem is our inability to score goals so I’m still stuck as to why Carr and Andrighetto were sent back to St. John’s. Together they have 9 goals which would put them at fifth on the roster and in only 34 games which is less than all other forwards except Gallagher and Smith-Pelly.

    I’ll give Therrien credit, he’s correct that the players are trying and shouldn’t be blamed for the lack of goals and the losses. This is the result of him putting hard working, but less skilled players on the top lines and refusing to play the ones with the ability to put the puck in the net. Probably going too far, but I wonder what Semin is doing now.

    Or maybe Bergevin knows something we don’t. Given the number of times the team has been wrong about the Price injury, could he be out for the season? If he is, our best case result is to make the play-offs and lose in the first round. Maybe we’re disguising a tanking for a shot at the Matthew’s sweepstakes and we’re losing by design.

  18. Hi Dennis…the drugs are for when or if TO beats us. I think Scott ought to beat the snot out of MB and MT personally…it’s probably just me though.

  19. I think Christopher could be right with his theory that the Habs are secretly tanking by design.

    Nothing else makes any sense.

    What an insult to those fans who pay big bucks to watch their beloved heroes go through the motions – putting on a show and pretending to try, but making sure one way or another that they don’t win.

    It’s like paying for filet mignon and getting chopped liver instead.

    Molson should be ashamed of himself and give all the fans a full refund for having to endure this sorry spectacle.

  20. We won’t see Mr. Molson lower the price of beer at the Bell either, Danno. Or the ridiculous price of Habs souvenirs and all that. What a great business. Have millions love your product good or bad, and make a fortune from it.

  21. Christopher, the Carr/Andrighetto thing is a big mystery. As is the Price injury. Today on Sportsnet I heard the panel say that the Habs aren’t doing well, but if Price returns and they get Eric Staal, they could make some noise in the playoffs. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine.

  22. Dennis…I am not a run with the pack thinker so often my opinions are in the minority. I’ve accepted and am way too old now to adjust that but I am still right quite often. Modest I know….just another of my traits that are in the minority. The fan base watching from their TV can be over time really turned off and stop their watching without too much regret…that doesn’t hurt Molson a bit…..I have gone from a hockey fan in general to a Habs fan only now…..I have always been a Habs fan but I only watch the Habs now. Looks as though my season is going to be cut short. Another way to say I won’t be making the playoffs this year unless a miracle happens me thinks. I used to listen to them on radio for many years when they didn’t play on TV……..many of the fans that goes to the games especially in the more traditional markets have season tickets and often corporate tickets that costs are just passed on to us little guys ( me here Dennis not you ) and also there is a good number of people who really aren’t particularly hockey fans but go for the atmosphere……many if you watch are young people who are not paying particular attention to the goings on at all. As an after thought I will mention I worked for a company in Seattle for 2 years in the early 90’s and they had 18 season tickets 6 to each of the Seahawks/Supersonics and the Huskies games…I was there 6 months before I even knew of that. I worked in management. When I found out I asked for a ticket to the Seahawks game for myself and my two kids…no problem the manager says no one ever goes to them on us….anytime. A friend of mine from NB was in Montreal this week to watch the game…it was a season ticket holder who donated his ticket. Sorry for the long post…….

  23. That’s why Molson & Bergevin are tanking secretly. Last season as the Leafs blatantly tanked, they were humiliated with non-sellouts to games that were 95% sold out before the season started and sweaters being thrown to the ice.

    Never understood the thrown sweater though. Owners simply view this as a rich person who will soon need a new $250 sweater.

  24. Cliff, for a long time now, years, I’ve only watched the Habs and no other games. And that goes for the Cup Final too. It’s Habs or nothing. I’ve wondered if I’m not a good hockey fan because of this, and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. Anyone else out there who rarely watches other teams? Or is it just Cliff and I?

  25. Didn’t have a TV back then, but would Dickie Moore, #22, #9, #4, #19,……well ANY # from 1 to 98 even allow this disaster on ice!!! I’m weaning off the games; much less painful. I put it on Thornbush, our wanna be coach. I’m sooooooooooo thankful Price is spared this mess which is starting to resemble the Harold Ballard years.

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