Here’s What It Should Look Like In Calgary

The NHL has just released this architectural rendering of what the 2011 Tim Hortons Heritage Classic should look like in Calgary on February 20th.

If I lived in Calgary, that would be me right up near the top with a bottle of brandy and telescope, sort of enjoying myself as the Canadiens demolish the Flames 6-2 or 5-0 or thereabouts.

The league, players, and ticket buyers must hope neither of the following occur; a chinook comes in and melts the ice, or an arctic front comes down and it’s colder than the Edmonton game in 2003 when it was about 30 below. That’s what the brandy’s all about. (For the fans, not the players).

3 thoughts on “Here’s What It Should Look Like In Calgary”

  1. It finally came up, Danno, and what a classic photo it is. I’m not sure I would have enjoyed being there in Edmonton. I’ve been to football games where it was so cold I couldn’t stand it.
    The weather in Calgary can be very odd sometimes. I remember when I lived there that several times it would be freezing cold and without warning, a chinook would come in and it would go from say, 15 below to 10 above within hours. Really weird and unexpected. And we don’t want any Habs getting pneumonia.

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