Henderson Jersey A Million Dollar Baby

The starting bid three weeks ago was $10,000, and 42 bids later, Paul Henderson’s jersey that he wore in Russia during the 1972 Summit Series sold for a whopping $1,067,538 through Montreal-based auction house Classic Auctions.

Canadian Tire, Molson, Calgary’s Forzani Group, and Vancouver billionaire Jim Pattison were all in the thick of it at one time or another, and one of these may be the actual winner, although the person or persons who have ended up with this thing might well remain anonymous. We’ll know soon enough.

Pattison was in the news once before when he was the winning bidder of John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce held at Sotheby’s in New York back in the 1980’s. The car immediately went on display at Expo ’86 held in Vancouver and I saw it in a museum in Victoria a couple of years ago.


The winning bidder is billionaire real estate developer Mitchell Goldhar who says he plans on showcasing the jersey in various places around the country so we can all see it.

3 thoughts on “Henderson Jersey A Million Dollar Baby”

  1. Mitchell Goldhar, do the honourable thing and donate the sweater to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    You’re a billionaire. Do it for the small people.

  2. Yeah, Danno. What’s he going to do – wear it around when he shows clients property? I second Danno’s plea – put it in the Hall.

  3. At least the new owner has gone public and committed to putting it on tour, unlike the previous anonymous Scrooge. Some of his proceeds will go to charity? What kind of commitment is that? That’s what I would say if I was planning $10 or $20.
    According to the CBC, the HHoF already has a Henderson jersey from the ’72 Summit Series. Henderson has said he’d like to see this one go to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame into which he’s already been inducted.

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