Helping The Kids

Is this a great picture or what.

The Montreal Canadiens give their time, money, and big smiles like Pernell Karl’s to help sick kids in hospital beds, and there can’t be a better way to give back to the community than that. (Although they could throw in a Stanley Cup win now and again. The kids would like that too).

You can donate any spare change you might have by clicking the English site – Sick kids, or the French one –

2 thoughts on “Helping The Kids”

  1. This picture, and you’re right it is a great shot awesome hat, reminds me that they are saying the hab’s don’t have much in the way of goalers in the system so wouldn’t it be great if they were to draft PK’s younger brother?

  2. Dis John, I think it would be great to see another Subban on the team. Maybe it’ll happen. But is he a great goalie? I’ve no idea.

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