Hello Wall

This is a wall in my house where I have some Habs things scattered about. I’ve shown this before but dammit, I want to show it again.

Much of this stuff is from the 1950’s, the era I love more than any other as far as collecting goes, (it’s a childhood thing), although the sweater in the case in the middle is from the 1930’s. Also in the case is a 1948 team-signed Billy Reay stick and an early 1960’s Beliveau stick. Both were game-used. 

Often I put out the odd lucky charm on nights when games are tense and nerve-wracking, and considering the importance of game six on Tuesday evening, it would be nice if I could bring the whole wall into the living room.

10 thoughts on “Hello Wall”

  1. DK, that’s it, hobo & I want all our stuff back!
    Nice collection just envious, I have some but nowhere near your shrine.
    Cheers from the East—- GO HABS GO!!!!

  2. Hey AC I don’t have a Habs fridge. Is it full of beer? And by the way, on our way out of Ottawa a few weeks ago we went past Carlton Place and has it ever changed. I didn’t recognize it. (the highway area, anyway).

  3. hello wall………. sounds like something george jone would say………….. if the habs, i mean when win 6 & 7 you can keep mike’s stuff.

  4. Well DK you will always have my friendship, even if I on occassion I just rib you a bit!! It’s all in jest.
    Les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  5. @Dennis — It has more pop than beer but some of the latter. 🙂

    I also have a Habs scarf, tea towel, blanket, sweater (as in a real sweater not a player’s sweater), and the first classic toque (although it is tight, so I don’t wear it and don’t know where it is). But that’s it. Doesn’t compare to your trove.

  6. Dennis, you have an annex to the Hockey Hall of Fame! Nicely done. Put on a sweater and grab Beliveau’s stick tonight. Get the Hockey Gods in your corner. Go Habs Go!

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