5 thoughts on “Heatley Fed To The Sharks”

  1. Jordy, I think he’s a good hockey player (not the best) with a bad attitude, you don’t like your team … suck it up till you can get out

  2. Jordy, sometimes the person is more important than the talent. This guy has shown absolutely no loyalty, even under contract. And when Edmonton said they’d take him, he balked on that. It’s nothing to do with the player he is, it’s about the decisions he’s made. He said Ottawa wasn’t playing him properly and it turned out he had the second-most minutes on the team. He lost the respect of all his teammates, and players in general. And he lost the respect of many fans, including me. No way did I want him on the Habs.

  3. Jordy, if Dany Heatley didn’t announce publicly to the media that he wanted to be traded, I also would’ve taken him in a heartbeat. But the way he’s handled the situation hurt his image, by making him look unprofessional and somewhat childish.
    As Dennis said, it shows that he isn’t loyal (because of his contract). And not a team player, since the Senators have been a bad team for the last 2 seasons.
    If you choose to sign a deal, it is expected for you to serve it.

    After tireless efforts from Bryan Murray, The Oilers expressed interest in him. He denied. The Oilers still wouldn’t give up. he still denied.
    The man is selfish and immature, just seeking a top team to win the Stanley Cup, am I right Marian Hossa?

  4. San Jose are chokers, I doubt we’ll see a cup there anytime soon. Heatley to Montreal may not have been such a bad thing, our Bob is good with problem children, it might have worked. But I agree on the loyalty issue, you can’t trust somebody like Heatley. We had enough “distractions” last year.

    Phil, you can’t compare Heatley to Hossa. Hossa was free to choose any team he wanted. As I recall, he turned down a mult million dollar deal to sign with Detroit. That was his perogative. If anyone would have been screwed it would have been him. If he had a career ending injury during his year with Detroit he didn’t have those millions to fall back on. If anything he took a risk. Good on him, winning the cup was more important than money.

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