Hearing The Boos


Before the game, Bobby Clarke said the problem with the Montreal Canadiens is that they have no front-line star, something I’ve whined about for years. There’s no Rocket, no Jean Beliveau, no Guy Lafleur. (I originally put my name in here as a joke but after this thing turned serious, I deleted it.) Just a lot of good, smallish, second-line players. That’s why Vincent Lecavalier would have been a good fit. Not just for added talent, but for aura and chemistry and leadership. And until they find that big, bonafide star, I’m sorry folks, but the struggles will continue. 

If you’re a welder and you’re paid a king’s ransom to weld two widgets together with 20,000 people watching and a couple of million others tuned in on television, you’re probably going to bear down and weld those widgets like nobody’s business.

Maybe the Montreal Canadiens should become welders. Because there’s definitely something missing as hockey players. Habs fall 2-1 to the Caroline Hurricanes in the biggest game of the year with a playoff spot still not secured.

And forget about all the shots on Cam Ward in the first part of this thing. The Canadiens were mostly mediocre, have forgotten how to score, and I’m in no mood to write a lot of words about this.

Random Notes:

Marc-Andre Bergeron scored a power play goal and Roman Hamrlik, although he was wearing a Habs jersey, scored the tying goal for Carolina.

Carey Price, in goal again when his team forgets how to put the puck in the net, must be thinking that maybe he should have gone into welding.

Is it the coach? In a big game like that, the players played with no jam, no intensity. A bunch of guys sitting around the factory having a smoke and talking about last night when they should be working will have the boss kick them in the ass and make them get down to business whether they feel like it or not. That’s his job. Jacques Martin doesn’t seem to know how to do this. This is not a great motivator, this guy. He would’ve made a lousy general in the army.

That was the beauty of the six-team league. Either you perform like you’ve never performed before, or you’re sent down where there were dozens of guys chomping at the bit for that one chance. It was steak vs. hamburger, buses vs. sleepers on trains or plane rides. Heroes or chumps. Just ask Don Cherry. He knows the difference. 

And don’t tell me that things are different now and players have to be treated differently, with kid gloves, and a strong union behind them and all that. A job’s a job and pride is pride, whether it was then or now.

Random Notes:

I had quesadilla’s a couple of hours ago.

Habs in Philly on Friday.

Youppi’s a lousy mascot.

12 thoughts on “Hearing The Boos”

  1. Hey Dennis, 3 Rule,never listen to Bob Clarke.This guy keeps trying to build a flyer team of the seventies .He is not able to crtique anyones game,he’s an oer the hill naysayer. I thought the Habs did ok,Carey Price played a good game ,Roman Hammelick put in the first one,just no bounces.We are goig to have to put up with jm,dont know how far we will go with him,hopefully a long way.

  2. Derry, they can’t score, they give up breakaways while on the power play, some of the stars are invisible, they show no passion in such a big game. I’m not cutting them any slack on this one. And I agree with Clarke. Montreal needs a big star. And I mean a big star.

  3. Clarke? CLARKE? You know Mike Richards is 5’11”?

    I was buddies with Lecavalier when we were in high school. The guy does NOT want to play here (regardless of the false drivel he gives to the local press). His pricetag is way too high, his injuries have destroyed him terribly, and it’ll just get worse as he enters his 30s. Just ’cause he picks up his socks to play against this team means nothing. He does practically nothing the rest of the year.

    What this team needs is Guy Boucher and some more Bulldogs. Ryan White, Andrew Conboy, Tom Pyatt, Brock Trotter, PK Subban, those guys are first in line out of Hamilton to play specific roles from 3rd/4th line ass kicking energy to skilled first line/first pairing duties.

    Rather than a BIG guy they need guys who play big. They also need these guys to lift the puck off the ice instead of trying to shovel the puck on net on the ice…

  4. Number 31, they need a huge star. It’s not that complicated. And Lecavalier is only an example, not necessarily the guy. Just an example. And I so much disagree that the answer is a bunch of good but not great players being brought up. Montreal needs a big star, not a team of second and third-liners. And whether or not Lecavalier wants to play in Montreal is neither here nor there. I’m talking about a star. He was an example. Etc, etc.

  5. Also 31, have you ever seen a really successful team made up of smallish and good players but no real star? Every good team has at least one big gun. And Tomas Plekanec and Mike Cammalleri, as much as I appreciate them, aren’t Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin or Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier or Steve Yzerman etc. etc. etc. etc. Even the Canucks have the league scoring leader right now. And yes, Clarke. Yes he can be a boor and an ass. But not everything he says is trash. I agree with him completely that Montreal needs a big star. It’s not rocket science. And maybe one of those Bulldogs may someday be one but it’s hard to imagine right now. Hopefully they become good, solid players, and Subban has a chance to be really good, but a big star is usually known about long before he spends a day in the pros, and most big superstars don’t spend one minute in the minors. And I’m not sure what you mean by the Richards thing, 5’11 and such. When I said big star, I mean superstar, not size-wise.
    And you say they just need to play big? it’s much more than that, 31. Tom Kostopoulos played big. Others play big. But you need a combination of journeymen playing big and a superstar or three. That’s what makes a good team. Clarke was right.

  6. Most of those big stars (at least the recent ones) arrived to their team by being drafted first overall after years of absolute sucktitude. Habs can’t do that. Even then it’s not a given (Islanders).

    However in this city, even if they had lucked in during the random draft and got 1st instead of 5th and picked up Sidney Crosby instead of Price, the media would be all over him for not delivering a Stanley Cup by himself in his rookie season and would have already pegged him the next Alexandre Daigle… (Actually they probably would have taken Pouliot since that’s who they were aiming for…)

    This is how the Habs formula should work but it won’t be instant and it might not even come to fruition considering how impatient this stupid city is: Price in nets, Subban on D, Louis Leblanc up front. Those are your 3 cornerstones. Add in guys like Danny Kristo, Alex Avtsin (You want Ovechkin? He plays just like him), the list of Bulldogs above and some vets…you get a solid team.

    Frankly this team acts more like the Expos than one that actually hopes to build properly for the future…

  7. DK, I’ll keep this short because there is not much you can say after that display last night. If thats how we respond to one of the most important games of the season( I know I’m commiting a mortal sin here), we do not belong in the playoffs !! A disgrace!!!
    P—-d of from the East!!!
    Maybe we need to send ” THE BOY’S ” in to wack them up the side of the head.

  8. Mike, they’re playing like they don’t want to be in the playoffs. They’ve won one game in the last six.

  9. miss the playoffs and put me out of my misery now. save the embarrassment of another disgusting early heartless playoff exit. this is becoming reminiscent of the leafs of recent years where just squeaking into post season play was success. this group of weeners has no balls or heart. they do not play like habs. they play like leafs. i’m out

  10. Don’t give up just yet, Hobo. You never know. It’s sports. And if you give up watching, don’t give up reading here.

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