9 thoughts on “Healy Defends The Habs Too!”

  1. I think I must be concussed, bright light bothers me slight noises sound like thunder, I’m going to go lie down now!

  2. Mike, I think it’s something you took in Atlantic City. Or maybe Milbury and Healy are just drunk, plain and simple.

  3. Danno, I wasn’t expecting any Habs love from these guys until the team won it all. This is way too soon. It’s shocking. I’m like Mike – I need to lay down. It’s all too much to absorb.

  4. I grew up with people HATING the Habs– here they still do. In the same breath they call them Frogs– it goes way back too the French/ English rivalry we were taught in school when my hair wasn’t grey. Watch the movie THE ROCKET– ther were teams trying to kill #9. But he was too tough and yet he ALMOST threw in the the towel– ALMOST only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. His coach used this line to set him ablaze–” I don’t ant Richard tonight— I WANT THE ROCKET” –and the Rocket he got!! Adversity builds character, whinning reduces too shame –sorry Bruins you got beat by the better team Sun nite.–Just like Big Bird #19 and the guys did in the 70’s to the yo-yo’s in Philly. My Russian Train Wreck got guts standing up to Chara with a plate in his head. A P.K. slapshot in his nuts would do Chara some good.

  5. Right on, Peter. The whining doesn’t make them look classy at all. But it’s the Bruins and we expect this sort of thing. Emelin sure did show guts. He’s a tough bugger. And Chara’s an idiot. I’ll bet the Bruins are headhunting the next time out, looking to injure. But you can’t score goals from the penalty box so bring ’em on!

  6. I for one don’t give a crap what shit comes out of Juliens mouth. Whatever it is it’s mixed with bourbon and doughnuts and double-bacon-aters. For once I listened to what Milbury was saying. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe its because he’s on a US station now and all he sees is blood, guts and glory rants. At least on CBC he got a bit of logic. I’m surprised the jackass in the middle didn’t pull out his gun.

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