Heady Times For Bruins Fans

These must be warm and fuzzy times for Boston Bruins fans. Their team is sitting pretty, rivalled only by the San Jose Sharks as the league’s best. They’ve won all four games against their biggest rival, the Montreal Canadiens, looked impressive in all four, and are a lofty 18 points better than the Habs. Their goalie, Tim Thomas, is playing like the second coming of Gerry Cheevers.

And best of all for the smiling faces of Bruins’ faithful, their team looks like they could make a serious dent once playoffs rolls around. Fans could be reminded, with a little help from beer, of the late 1960’s, early 1970’s Bruins, when they were an elite team and won a couple of Cups back then, only then they had Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Johnny Bucyk instead of Phil Kessel and Dennis Wideman. 

More and more, Bruins’ fans are going to be insufferable.

Today, once again, these Bruins beat the Canadiens, this time by a score of 3-1, and although the Habs played fairly well, they made just enough mistakes to lose to this solid bunch in orange and black. The Canadiens gave away the puck way too often throughout, again missed the net far too many times, and lost the little battles for the puck along the boards, which often defines playoff contenders. You have to win those battles.

You also can’t allow the tying goal with six-tenths of a second left in the first period, like the Habs did today. It’s inexcusable. And so is the fact that Mike Komisarek threw a little softy towards the blueline which led to this all-important back-breaking goal.

Alex Kovalev’s play is inexcusable too. Kelly Hrudey pointed it out in the second intermission but it was evident anyway. Kovalev was floating in Montreal’s biggest and most important game of the year. How can that be? How can any player not work hard in such a big game? It doesn’t compute.

Damage Done:

Both Robert Lang, Achilles tendon, and Guillaume Latendresse, head-smashed-in-boards, were the casulties of the day. It’s entirely possible Lang is gone for the season. Josh Gorges is just beginning to remember which planet he’s on after an elbow named Gauthier arrived with bad intent.

So far, I’m not liking hockey in February.

Coming Up:

Pittsburgh’s in town Tuesday night.

9 thoughts on “Heady Times For Bruins Fans”

  1. It’s horrible. But if some of these guys would pull up their socks, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Unfortunately though, I don’t have much faith in some of them pulling up their socks. I’m very disappointed in Kovalev.

  2. Well I think Kovy could pull his socks up. If he and Carbo have that little talk like he said he was going to, something has to come out of it. Last year Kovy won nearly every Molson Cup. This year it goes from player to player. He carried the team big time last season. Now it’s time for him to go back to doing so. Might put more pressure on him, which is probably the last thing he needs considering the already giant target on his back when he’s out on the ice…

  3. You have no idea. 95% of Bostonians are still transfixed by the Celtics’ 11-game win streak and general Sox/Pats mania. Wait till April when they realize what has actually happened this season — that the Bruins are not just a paper tiger but a real-life contender. You are not prepared to face a bandwagon this big. Nobody is.

  4. Clarify something for me – didn’t Montreal beat Boston in one of the first games of the season in overtime/a shootout? Wasn’t this their fifth game of the season?

  5. CheGordito. That’s right. Habs won 4-3 in a shootout against Boston Oct. 15. But Boston won the next four.

  6. Further to CheGordito. I looked it up and here’s the gruesome details. This is after the Oct. 15th win.
    Nov. 13 – Boston 6-1
    Nov. 22 Boston 3-2
    Jan. 13 Boston 3-1
    Feb.1 Boston 3-1

  7. Maybe I’m too optimistic – I look forward to every difficult game and want to see the Canadiens play well enough to beat the opposition. Those New Jersey games haven’t been fun for me this year, but were a pleasant surprise last year.

    The last Bruins game was tough, but the Bruins did get frantic after they were scored upon. They’re playing well as a team, but they’re not unbeatable (and we beat them earlier in the season). And I’m not convinced they’ll remain very good in the playoffs.

    As long as the adversity doesn’t fully break the team, I think it makes them stronger. I want the Canadiens to be mean by playoff time – not evil, with dangerous checks and bullying other teams – but to want to win, to seize chances, to not be pushed around too much. I think we’re getting there.

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