Head Hardening

Luci mailed a box of blankets and and other unimportant things so she wouldn’t have to carry them on the plane at the end of next month, and she included the only two things I asked for and which are far more important than blankets – my Bob Dylan “One Direction Home” DVD, and my 1950s Habs helmet, which, as you can see, wouldn’t prevent too many cracked skulls.

Heads were harder back then, not like the soft pussy heads kids have now. Kids in the ’50s had hard heads toughened up from teacher’s rulers being cracked over them, errant road hockey sticks, backhands from frustrated teacher nuns, blows from falling out of trees, attacks from wild animals who thought your coonskin hat was alive, and ramming into schoolyard walls when picking up “closest to the wall” hockey cards.

But this is all old talk. I’m a modern guy, not someone who lives in the past. Oops, my Beatles record has finished. Time to put on some Roy Orbison.

Only 35 more days. Leafs and Habs.

helmet 1

helmet 2

helmet 3

helmet 4

3 thoughts on “Head Hardening”

  1. let today,s players AND Gommer Gomez be ever thankfull ‘ole # 22 ain’t got a burr up his butt playing today game with the wrapped in padding instigators. Can you imagine Wendal Clarke letting Chara go smiling afterhis encounter w/ Mac Pac!!!Big guy would STILL be spitting out pieces of teeth!!! So if Murry and Parros can take a semi-regular shift– WELCOME TO MY HABS!!!!!!! Prust and Whyte don’t have to do it all. But
    I really enjoyed Wendal & Clark Gilles play tough hockey BUT fairly clean. And Lucic ain’t on my favorite team but I’d take him in an instant.

  2. That’s the key, Peter Hab.Play tough yet clean and well, like Fergie, Clark, and Gillies. It’s a big difference from a goon who can really fight but can’t play. I hope Parros shows some talent at least. Prust does for sure. I guess it’s a rare player who can be a heavyweight fighter and alaso pot some goals.

  3. DK, noticed something printed on the helmet, don’t see it very often these days—Made In Canada! Remember old # 22 could score & I think he he was known to be quite the scrapper.

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