He Shoots, He Scores, Et Le But!

I think it was about eight years ago when I traded a Bobby Orr doll with clothing accessories for this goal puck. The Orr doll had been given to me by a woman who collected Barbie dolls and had somehow ended up with it in her collection. It was truly nice of her to give it to me, and hopefully she wouldn’t mind that I swapped it.

The NHL released these goal pucks, which I think is an excellent idea, for only a very short time. One season, I think. The only other one I’ve ever seen is Philadelphia’s Bill Barber.

I think the league should do this again. (Insert Scott Gomez goal puck joke here).

7 thoughts on “He Shoots, He Scores, Et Le But!”

  1. The Scott Gomez goal pucks would cost quite a bit more than all the other NHL goal pucks because they are extremely rare.

  2. Larry Robinson leaves New Jersey & goes to San Jose Sharks as an Associate Coach……

  3. Thanks, Martin. I know we had a shot at him but somehow it went by the wayside. Oh well. Hope he does well out there.

  4. What kills me is that there is a parent where I work who gets tons of Habs-related stuff due to her job. She’s got signed pucks, photos, you name it. Sadly she has no clue who anyone is because she hates hockey. Life is not fair. Here she’s probably sitting on a goal mine of stuff and it’s useless to her. ARRRGH!!!

    Robinson didn’t get the job because Therrien was probably worried he’d be ignored or quickly replaced. Sigh. This is like tossing a winning lottery ticket out the window. 🙁

  5. Darth, does this woman have older stuff or new stuff? Why don’t you date her for a week?

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