“He Can’t Do It For 60 Minutes”


I watched the Canada-Latvia game again in the evening because the first time  was at work and I kept getting interrupted with work.

It worked out well because Luci’s at Place des Arts with her friend, listening to some live classical music of some sort.

It was interesting how  the announcers went on about things in the beginning, before the Latvian goalie Kristers Gudlevskis proceeded to stop 55 shots and almost win it for his team.

This isn’t a critical review. I would’ve said similar things.

Jim Hughson “Should be a pretty intimidating night for some of these young Latvian players.”

Hughson “Kristers Gudlevskis is a 21-year old and gets an opportunity of a lifetime to play against Team Canada.”

Hughson “He had an awful warmup. The young man couldn’t keep the puck out of the net. ”

Glenn Healy “I’ve got a feeling he’ll be busy tonight.

Healy “He can play to a certain level for a certain amount of time, but he can’t do it for 60 minutes. Not against this Canadian team.”

Craig Simpson “As a player you just can’t help think that this is going to be a points night and have a good offensive game.”

Healy midway through the game “They’re running out of gas. You can see it.”



5 thoughts on ““He Can’t Do It For 60 Minutes””

  1. Here is a great interview by Dan D’Uva with Kristers Gudlevskis who plays for Tampa Bay Lightning’s farm team, the Syracuse Crunch. Gudlevski just learned he was chosen to play for the Latvian National team for the Sochi Olympics.

    The young man has the attitude of a winner.

  2. I was a team canada fan at the start of all this. Not sure if that changed or not. It’s hard cheering for a team of “the best there is, etc. etc.” From management to players there’s more to a team than just skill and past performances. YA NEED HEART< INSPIRATION,PASSION, —not the distorted mindset of we're so good !!!!!!! I'm a Price & Subban fan –to set the record straight up-front. But part of me hopes "P.K. & Price don't play. A crap snoozer like yesterday against Latvia,which they could have easily lost, one error by P.K. would have put the loss of gold medal square on his back—by the nit-wit Hockey nite in canada media mob crews[with exception of Elliot Friedman whom I respect] One ???-tonable goal by Price– same crap from media. Don't know how much ego there is in the room but wrong ego does harm!! Passion to win rubs off on teammates. In closing; it would have been great to see Price and P.K. soar like eagles AND Marty St Louis but it's the same tape—over confidence, top to bottom-on more teams then Canada. Oh how the underdogs rise to the occasion!!!When all is said and done all I wanted was my team-CANADA- to shine like Dennis 1970's Habs!!! Oh how I miss HOCKEY!

  3. Hey Dennis, This young guy played his heart out and just about stole it for his country, that’s what the games are all about, getting out there and competing. I’d like to see Canada have a better game tomorrow, no more trap shit like what has been happening so far. The U.S. will play North American hockey against us ,it will be a good game.

  4. Good hockey today, Peter. A great Canadian ladies comeback, like Canadians do. Wow, the Americans must be in shock. And as far as the men’s team and Subban goes, he should be playing and I think it’s bullshit that he’s not.

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