He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Older brother me with younger brother Joel.

Years later Joel would end up playing bass in Canadian country singer Michelle Wright’s band. He and Michelle lived together, I visited them in Nashville at one point, and I went to one of her recording sessions there. Later that evening a bunch of us, including the producer who had been in a successful band in the 1960s called the Beau Brummels, went for dinner and the fellow told me about the time the Beau Brummels were on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Years ago, at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Calgary, my first wife and I were seat fillers, thanks to Michelle, which meant we’d always sit in the first or second row and sit in the seats of people who were onstage playing or accepting an award. I sat beside Sylvia Tyson for quite awhile.

The first time I saw Joel play was when Michelle and the band had a gig in Manotick, just outside Ottawa. There were about six people in the room. Since then, she’s won all sorts of awards.

She and Joel split up a couple of decades ago.

3 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

  1. Great story Dennis! I remember the Beau Brummels very well. Two great songs “Laugh Laugh” and “Just a Little”.

    Nice story about your brother Joel as well.

    I’m going to share this story with my friend Roger Ashby at CHUM-FM

    Cheers, Joel Goldman

  2. Thanks Joel! I know this name Roger Ashby. Probably from years ago on radio, but it’s a bit of a blur.

  3. Remember Michelle working with big hair out of a van downtown Ottawa byward market back when, obvious talent. Most overlooked or should say underlooked show in the pouring rain at the Ottawa Ex.19blurrr….
    gagguykopper88 (k/c)

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