Hawks Put Flyers In Deep Doo-Doo

Chicago takes a 2-0 series lead after defeating the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1, and it’s said that their chances are 94% now that they’ll win it all after grabbing the first two games of the series.

That’s all fine and dandy, but the last thing hockey needs is a four-game sweep in the Stanley Cup finals. It’s the worst thing that can happen. A final needs a sexy, dramatic, tight, seven games with overtime often and especially, extra minutes played in the last game.

Not a sweep. Sweeps suck. Unless it’s the Habs doing the sweeping.

“Lemaire skates gingerly through centre and takes a peek over at Lafleur. Lemaire brilliantly banks it off the boards and Lafleur picks it and crosses the line. The defence backs up in nervous trepidation as Lafleur finds a streaking Kane and sends him in alone. Kane pulls his classic Kaneranian capitalizer, shoots, he scores! Dennis Kane has won it for the Montreal Canadiens midway through the first overtime period of this game seven with a herculean effort!”

“What do think about that, Dick?”

“Well, Danny, all I know is, I’ve only seen one other guy who was as dangerous as Dennis Kane from the blueline in, and he wore number 9. “

2 thoughts on “Hawks Put Flyers In Deep Doo-Doo”

  1. Kane sent in alone? I remember when he stole the puck from the winger, fooled the centre with his spinnerama move, plowed right through one defence and with other hanging all over his back shooting a laser into the top corner just as the first overtime was ending.

  2. And the crowds chant…”Kane…Kane…Kane”

    Loved it last night when the ex-flyer Eager pummeled in the 2nd goal within a half a minute of the 1st

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