Hawks Push Flyers To Brink

So much for the Flyers grabbing momentum. On this night, game 5, the Philadelphia gang were big losers, falling 7-4 to the invigorated Chicagoans, and now find themselves on the edge of the Grand Canyon. And the Hawks are poised to push them over.

Of course it’s never over till it’s over, and with the Flyers, who knows? They love finding themselves in deep holes and climbing out again. But the Grand Canyon is a pretty big hole to climb out of.

All in all, on this night, Chicago was the much better team.

It’s hard for me to drum up any kind of excitement one way or the other, though. The Habs are gone, and in this corner, there’s no second favourite team. And we don’t even see any good bench-clearing brawls anymore.

No Habs and no brawls. Shit.

13 thoughts on “Hawks Push Flyers To Brink”

  1. Hey Dennis,This game was over just after it started,the Hawks look good,for sure.I think it is to bad but the Hawks should win the cup in Philly on Wednsday,to bad for the fact that they wont win it at home.I wasso sorry to see Hartnell out of the game,to bad it didnt happen when he was playing against the Habs.I have to admit though,the Flyers aren’t playing like their namesakes of the 70’s.They dont get into the faces of their opposition like they used to,Fred Shero must be rolling around in his grave.

  2. Dennis for me the best hockey this weekend was in the Canada Russia ’72 documentary style mini-series the CBC showed Saturday night.
    It claims Paul Henderson unilaterally called Peter Mahovlich off for a line change so that he could score the winning goal.
    Vic Hadfield comes off like a whiney loser while Phil Esposito, Wayne Cashman and Gary Bergman are team leaders. Even as a rookie Ken Dryden is made out to be an intelligent leader especially when he wasn’t playing well. The only downside is that it gave me an appreciation for Harry Sinden.

    Dryden for commissioner!

  3. I take it back, best hockey this weekend is a CBC replay on now of game 7 of the ’65 final where the Canadiens beat the Black Hawks.
    Chicago must be thrilled to be playing the Flyers rather than Montreal. In the Stanley Cup final, they’re 0-5 lifetime against the Habs while 3-2 against the rest of the league.

  4. Hi Chris. Hadfield has never really lived it down what he did, but to his credit, he’s gone to all the renunions and golf tournaments and all that and never hid his face. Gil Perreault, on the other hand, who also bailed on the team, rarely takes part in group things and has been as bit of a grouchy prick ever since.

  5. Geez, I didn’t see that, the ’65 Hawks-Habs game this weekend. I wish I would’ve. Saw the ’67 final game last week. I better start checking the TV Guide more closely.

  6. Well, I wouldn’t count the Flyers out just yet. They are tough to beat at home and you know what they did against Boston. To me this series looks like it will go seven games.
    If so, flip a coin.

  7. Was nice to see Pronger play like the overpaid pylon he is. Also quite enjoyed the pundit’s pweciousssssss Leighton being lit up like a Christmas tree, and Boucher as well for that matter. Niemi needs to work on his rebound control tho. Also enjoyed Hartnell’s discomfort. Whenever the Flyers are hurting, I’m smiling. May have to remove the Hawks from #3 on the Permanent Hate list if they pull this off. Find out on Wednesday I guess.

  8. Tyg, you mentioned the other day that Boston was on your list too. It’s sure on mine, and I just saw an old post from a Boston blogger who listed 85 things he hates about the Habs, including the name Rocket and every Cup they ever won was because they had first dibs on Quebec players. So I hate all teams, but I really hate Boston. In fact, I could probably think of 85 ways.

  9. Dennis I’d like to read that list someday. I really would. You should do one for the Leafs and Flyers while you’re at it.

  10. Well, it sucks for the Habs to have been so close and yet so far to the Cup this year and I’m not crazy about either of those other teams winning either Dennis.
    But if Philly wins, it means the Habs only lost against the Cup Champions.
    And if the Hawks win, that means the Leafs will now hold the record for the team with the longest stretch of not winning the Cup.

  11. For me even if Chicago manages to lose it, the Leafs still hold the record for suckitude. 43 years and counting with no appearance in the Stanley Cup finals.

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