Hawks Hoist Hardware

The Bruins had it, and then they didn’t. The Chicago Blackhawks amazingly score two goals just seconds apart, with only a minute left in the third period, and capture their second Stanley Cup in four years.

It must have been shocking for the Bruins and their fans. They’d been feeling so good until the 18:44 mark of the final frame. Then it fell apart completely when 17 seconds later the puck eluded Tuukka Rask once again and the scoreboard showed 3-2.

I’m gonna be an almost-mature Habs fan here and admit that I admired the Boston Bruins for working through a solid playoffs this season that almost reached July 1st. The Bruins were a formidable force. A fine playoff team.

And of course I say the same for the Windy City Cup winners. True battlers.

Now we can finally on to the important stuff? Getting next season going so the Habs can do it too.

3 thoughts on “Hawks Hoist Hardware”

  1. A truly stunning “reversal of fortune”, but the Hawks earned the crown. And, any seasons that ends with no parade in either Boston or Toronto can’t be all that bad!

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