Hawks Handle Habs


They had no real flow and weren’t much of a threat at the best of time, except for some flurries in the last minute with Al Montoya pulled, and all in all, the Canadiens were stifled throughout by a good Hawks team and lose 3-2.

Montoya played great. His teammates didn’t. But don’t get me wrong, they didn’t stink like they did several times earlier on in this young season. They just ran in to a fine team with a system that never allowed our guys to get any rhythm going.

They had about as much rhythm as me. Well, maybe not that bad, but there wasn’t much. And they played the night before, so maybe they were a bit tired.

Not as tired as construction labourers and factory workers and plumbers, but young, fit, millionaire athletes kind of tired.

Teams lose sometimes, and with a 13-2-1 record, the sky isn’t falling. All they have to do now is beat Florida on Tuesday. If not, the sky will sink closer.

Random Notes:

Shea Weber on the power play, and Andrei Markov, were Montreal’s lamplighters.

Chicago outshot the Habs 35-23, which is a bit depressing. I thought they were gradually moving away from these types of numbers.

Several seconds before Patrick Kane scored the winner, the puck hit the netting about thirty feet up and should’ve been blown dead. But the officials missed it, apparently because the puck was camouflaged by all the blackness.

I don’t want to sound like Don Cherry, but I’ve wondered many times, sometimes out loud, why the netting is black and not white. But I never thought about the puck blending in, I just thought that it would be nicer for fans behind it.

7 thoughts on “Hawks Handle Habs”

  1. Dennis..i’m starting to think that Carey Price is the catalyst of the team’s energy and motivation to not only play well..but play to win…look at last season’s result without him in the nets…just a theory.

  2. Very well could be, Ed. Price gives them the confidence. It’s good and bad. Good because they’re a contender with him, but not nearly so without him. And if that’s the case, there’s not a back up out there who will truly help them. Right now we really don’t know if Montoya is a big upgrade on Condon. I think we thought that, but not so much now.

  3. Dennis…i have a lot of confidence in Montoya…looking back at Carey Price’s first couple of years with the team…he choked a lot… his loss of confidence was quite visible..i don’t see that with Montoya…he needs the support of the five guys in front of him. He’ll be an asset to the team.
    BTW…how did your stuff do with Classic Auctions?

  4. DK, I am satisfied with us keeping it close but as you pointed out they missed it. Really with four officials on the ice nobody saw the obvious , what did they think Montoya and are defense men were looking up at, the super full moon. Give me a friggin break, that game should have gone to OT!

  5. just seen the highlites on some electric gizmo—–Montoya threw a pretty good punch at a Hawk behind the net. Fiesty kinda feller!!!!!

  6. It’s weird that they missed it, Mike. Also inexcusable. Chicago played better than them, but like you say, it should’ve gone to OT.

  7. He seems feisty, Peter. Those Italian boys, they don’t take any shit. It’s too bad they didn’t win it for him after being no-shows in the 10-0 nightmare.

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