Having The Shields

Over the years I’ve talked several times about those great old hockey coins. Like here – Bring Back Hockey Coins, and here – Burp, and here – Good Old Hockey Coins.

Below is an ad I found in an old Forum program to fill you in even more. You can see at the bottom how to order the plastic shields, which cost a buck.

The problem with the shields, though, is that many of the coins fell out too easily. This became a nation wide issue for young boys, and often the coins were glued in. And because it happened so often and most were like this, the glue has never really taken away from the value of these sets.


5 thoughts on “Having The Shields”

  1. Those shields are awesome. I wish they’d re-create those today. They had such cool collectibles back then. Today we have some stuff, but they were often more inventive then. Those shields would like really nice on a wall in a den or someone’s little hockey shrine.

    Dennis, buy all of these for me and send them to me ok? Thanks, you’re a good sport. 🙂

  2. I like the character in the Shirriff ad above. I think it’s a blob of pudding or jello on skates.

    He looks shifty.

    I wonder if Pierre Gauthier can get us Jello-man in exchange for Scott Gomez?

  3. Darth, I haven’t checked my numbers yet but if I won the 7 million I’ll get you the coins and shields. It’s the least I can do for your great comments.

  4. Danno, that’s the best idea I’ve ever seen. Jello-man called up, Gomez put in the fridge.

  5. Thank you Dennis and thanks for the comment about my comments. This proves why I would not make a great player’s agent. I should have held out for more!

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