Have You Ever Been To……?

We really need a general manager in place pronto in Montreal. Not just because the draft is coming up fast and we have the number 3 pick to decide on, and not only because he has to hire a coach and figure out how to ship out Scott Gomez, but also because we need something to talk about here.

I think the GM should be a female. Some nice, sexy, low-cut clothes, a smile and a wink, a gentle stroking of the arm, and she’ll have Glen Sather so screwed up he’ll take back Gomez in a New York minute. And throw in some cash for good measure.

Doug Risebrough’s name has come up and we could talk about the time he ripped Marty McSorley’s sweater to shreds when Calgary played Edmonton. Or when he, Mario Tremblay, and Yvon Lambert were three of the finest plumbers on some of the finest Habs teams ever.

We really need a GM and coach in place so we can agree and argue and plan how we’re going to win the Cup with these guys on board.

Until then, have you ever been to Malibu?

Malibu is only a few minutes along the Pacific Coast Highway heading out from Santa Monica. The houses aren’t spectacular from the highway, but the back of them, along the beach, show their true beauty. They’re also are in the 20 million range if you’re thinking about living there.

Moonshadows, in the second picture, is the restaurant where Mel Gibson got plastered, then got in his car and was promptly stopped by a cop, charged with a DUI, and began a slurring rant about Jews and others.

Although the houses along the beach are owned and lived in by movie stars and high-priced lawyers and such, regular people like you and me can access the beach at several barely-marked paths which you have to look closely for. These billionaries certainly don’t want a lot of riff-raff taking over their beach and talking hockey, that’s for sure. But we can hang out whether they like it or not.

When you go, spread out a towel, gaze at the water, then turn around and notice the hired help at these 20 million dollar places polishing the silver on the decks and washing windows. Live and lounge like a rich movie star on the white sand with the surf crashing before you, then get back in your car and drive several miles to your Motel 6 and hope your TV works and the sheets are clean.


11 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been To……?”

  1. Hey Dennis, this off season isn’t as bad as i thought it would be. Felt 100% better when the two finalists were bumped. No dynasties there I guess. Not so easy winning 4 or five straight cups is it boys. Jesus those boston fans are racist. Almost as bad as canuck fans burning police cars. Hard to say which is worse. A black eye for bruin fans. Anyways, hope you’re well. I hope Roy doesn’t become head coach. I like Cunneyworth but i think the GM’s job is more important. I knowcunneyworth would doweel next year. I would like to see risebrough become GM. I hope Allain Vignaught (sp) or marc crawford don’t get hired as coaches. Bring back perry pearn as assistant. Next year will be the year that should have happened this year. Injuries hurt us. Will be good to have gionta and markov back 100%. The new thord rounder should make the team. Hoping for a big centre who plays 100% and not a russian who plays one in three games.

    What did u think of AK being suspended. Kinda funny. Young guys blowing their chances. In the playoffs too. Shows a lack of character. Glad he’sgone and hope subban isnt too badly hurt. His agent needs to pull him out of the world chanpionships and ship him home.

    Take care Dennis.

  2. Mayo, great to hear from you.
    It’s hard to know who the top couple of candidates are for GM and coach. They’re really not saying much. I just want it done as soon as possible. I’m not surprised about Kostitsyn. I’m also glad he’s gone. And this bum was best friends with Gomez. And yes, our number 3 pick better be an impact guy and not a floater. Or there’s going to be a riot on Michigan Ave. in Powell River.

  3. Beautiful Dennis!

    Scenes like that explain in part why Montreal has a tough time attracting some of the better players who might not mind the year-round beaches and golf if they play for the Kings or the Sharks.

    Mayo is right. Luci is a pretty woman and you’re a lucky man.

    Just like me! 🙂

  4. DK, tell me I’m wrong but when I enlarged the photo of you & the beautiful Ms. Luci it appears you’re wearing a Laffs ball cap! Also NJ gave us The Atlantic City Pop Festival. Today I’m also very lucky as Diana & I celebrate 41 years of marriage!!!

  5. Mike, it’s a Habs hat. Blue with a white CH. And congrats on 41 years! Wow!

  6. Wow, can’t believe we might get McGuire as our next GM. He seems knnowledgeable. A big part of that job is talking to other GMs. I don’t think you have to be a brainiac to be a GM, just be able to fit into the old boys club. Burke has a law degree and he’s does his job like a moron. Most are high school drop outs and do the best. If McGuire does get the job, it won’t take much to do better than Gainey and Goat-eau. Just have to wait and see. Next big move is getting rid of Gomez.

  7. Congratulations Diana and Mike………….Danno, that’s why habs don’t do well out there.

  8. I’m amazed you behaved yourself Dennis – no pics of girls in bikinis? Even by “accident”?

    God those houses are nice. Someone please buy me one and I’ll be your bestest friend forever.

  9. Darth, do you mean you don’t even have a lousy 30 or 40 million to spend on a house? I’m shocked.

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