Have Money, Have Rink

Habs lace ’em up on Wednesday at the Scotiabank Saddledome, formerly the Pengrowth Saddledome, formerly Canadian Airlines Saddledome, formerly Olympic Saddledome.

In Ottawa, the Senators play at Canadian Tire Centre, formerly Scotiabank Place, formerly the Corel Centre, formerly the Palladium.

It’s out of control. Just get someone with tons of money to back the rink for a lifetime and be done with it. Like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus.

“Flames are at home Wednesday at the old Miley Cyrus to host the visiting Habs, led by the NHL’s second star of the week, Lars Eller, who totalled¬† five points in two games. Meanwhile in Kanata, the Senators held a light skate at the Bieb before heading to the airport to battle the Kings at the Kardashian in L.A.”

“On tonight’s agenda, the Devils are at the P. Diddy in Edmonton while the Panthers takes on new Philly coach Craig Berube and his Flyers at the Jay-Z, which should really be rappin’ tonight. The Habs don’t return to the Kane until ten days from now and insiders say league officials are concerned that Mr. Kane will have died of old age by then and are looking at Paul McCartney for a new name possibility.”

“The Bruins remain idle until Thursday when the Avalanche visit Boston’s brand new Charles Manson Center.”

Random Note:

Max Pacioretty has a sore wrist but is with the team for the Western jaunt. My son lives just up the hill from the Miley Cyrus if Max remains on the shelf and would like to play some cribbage while in Cowtown.








8 thoughts on “Have Money, Have Rink”

  1. Me too, Ian. I hate these new names. The Canadian Tire Centre. Sounds like a place to buy winter tires.

  2. Soon after his agent settles Subban’s next contract you can expect the Bell Centre to be renamed the PK Centre / Le Centre PK.

  3. Can someone help me? Because I’m really trying to understand the sudden or rather progressive hate on DD. Putting all culture aside, because my confusion is not about that, I don’t really understand why fans are jumping his bones after three games. Has he been invisible this far, well kinda yeah with the exception of a few plays (can’t remember if it was against TO or Phi) and does his short reach aggravate others as much as it does me? (would a longer stick be illegal??). I have no problem with his size because others his size (Gallagher for e.g., or maybe he’s a bit taller) can really crash the net and take abuse and score. But all in all, it’s early so I’m having a hard time with the pressure we may be putting on him. However, what bothers me is this:


    If you take a look at it and compare his results with his teammates, it really wasn’t that bad. Was it?

    And now look at this, for instance:


    In particular Malkin…Goals 9 Ass 24 DD…Goals 10 Ass 18

    Malkin: 7.5m
    DD: 3.5m

    Compared to that God, is he really that bad????

  4. Furthermore, if we look at it mathematically, we can make the following assumptions based on the rule of three (a/b = c/x) comparing DD with Malkin:

    28 (points by DD) x 7.5m (Malkin’s salary) / 3.5m (DD’s salary) = 60 points

    Based on that, Malkin should have finished with 60 points.


    33 (points by Malkin) x 3.5m (DD’s salary) / 7.5 m (Malkin’s salary) = 15.4 points

    Based on that, DD should have finished with 14.5


    28 (points by DD) x 7.5m (Malkin’s salary) / 33 (points by Malkin) = 7.5 million…

    This is what DD should have earned!!


    33 (points by Malkin x 3.5m (DD’s salary) / 28 (points by DD) = 4.1 million!!

    The Pens overpaid Malkin.

  5. Marjo, I think he should be cut some slack too. It’s every day on the radio and online, how he’s so terrible. It’s too early. What if he catches fire? How will everyone backtrack then? Thanks for this. Good comment.

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