Have A Nice Trip, Said Toe

Frank J. Selke, Montreal’s Managing Director from 1946 until 1963, had a secretary named Lee Dillon, and I have three things that belonged to Ms. Dillon, two of which I’m showing today, and a third in a little over a month from now.

This first piece is Ms. Dillon’s pass to get into games at the Forum, and how sweet would that have been to have a pass into the Forum?

And below is a greeting card to Ms. Dillon from none other than one of my heroes, Toe Blake.

I’m very proud to own this. Toe Blake was not only the legendary coach wearing the fedora who was at the helm for eight Stanley Cups throughout the 1950’s and 60’s, but who also played on the same team as Howie Morenz in 1936, and was part of the legendary Punch Line with the Rocket and Elmer Lach.

Toe Blake was my kind of coach. Old school, demanded respect, and a winner. Do you think Toe would put up with pampered trillionaire brats? Hah!

Jean Beliveau goes on record as saying Toe was a wonderful guy. Terry Harper told me on the phone that Toe was a real gentleman. And yet he was kicked out of the Forum pool hall for using too much profanity.

Scotty Bowman learned from him. The Rocket considered him a big brother. Players won for him.

And here he writes to Lee Dillon. (And maybe added a few pesos).


6 thoughts on “Have A Nice Trip, Said Toe”

  1. I still think what they did with the Forum is a disgrace.
    I mean a theater? That’s the best that they could do?

  2. Dennis, I take back the insult I directed to TSN’s Scott Cullen. Apparently, he’s been a Habs fan for over 30 years. I sent my displeasure in an e-mail to him and he responded. I was pretty surprised.

  3. Dennis, this press pass shows how times have changed. If you look at the line where Miss Dillon’s signature appears, you will see that the word “Mr.” appears in print just before the signature.
    This indicates that it was assumed that all members of the media covering the Canadiens were men.
    This might have been the case at one time, but it isn’t anymore.
    And that’s a good thing.
    Can you imagine the RDS broadcast without the lovely and insightful Chantal Machabée?
    It just wouldn’t be the same.

  4. Danno, I’ve also heard that Red Fisher won’t talk to rookies or rookie coaches. Seems a bit arrogant to me.

  5. Phil, they showed the Forum the other day and I wish they wouldn’t do that. It’s so depressing to see what’s become of it. It’s very sad, and who’s responsible?

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