Has To Be A Win Tonight

A quick little jaunt down the road to Uniondale to meet the Islanders tonight, then back home Saturday for a chance at redemption when the Buffalo Sabres are back for another round.

These are two games the Habs must win. As a fan, I’m ordering this to happen.

I have a phobia. A constant worry whenever the Canadiens lose one game, as they did on Tuesday to Buffalo. My phobia is that they’ll somehow lose the next game too, and then drop the one after that, and all of a sudden the boys are mired in a dreadful slump and all merriment and joy experienced lately will fly out the window faster than we can say theleafssuckporcupinesneedlesthroughtheirassholes.

Beating the Islanders and Sabres is not only important to avoid a depressing slide, but these are the two games left before it’s on to Pittsburgh and Boston for the big message-sending clashes we’ve all been waiting for. A little momentum going into these would be good. Real good.

Montreal hasn’t found themselves in any sort of trouble this year except for the three straight losses against Boston, Buffalo, and Toronto in early February. They been a model of consistency. It’s one of the big reasons we’re so proud of them.

So once again – it’s crucial they beat the Islanders tonight.

Random Notes:

We need our wounded back and it seems Rene Bourque is just around the corner. Maybe Prust too. Diaz? No idea.

Francis Bouillon, pictured below, has signed a $1.5 million contract extension. Bouillon’s been a nice, solid addition, and whenever someone talks about this fellow, his abnormal strength is mentioned. Kind of reminds me of me.


4 thoughts on “Has To Be A Win Tonight”

  1. I can hear it now in the dressing prior to tonights game————-*lets win this one for the Gimper!!!*

  2. Prust was originally supposed to be back around now, he’s still on IR, but now with no expected return date indicated, but he is skating.

    Bourque is very close, he supposedly travelled with the team to NY and practiced with them. I think when he returns depends on his fitness level, he needs to get into mid-season game shape.

    Diaz isn’t even skating.

    No one seems to care about poor Weber, but he is skating with Prust.

    $1.5M for an experienced capable defencemen is a good price. But what does it mean for next season? Even if we get rid of Kaberle and don’t re-sign Weber, we’ll still have 6 defencemen on one-way contracts next year. And that’s not counting Tinordi or any of the others in Hamilton. Trade? Any good rumours?

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