6 thoughts on “Has There Ever Been A Bigger Underdog?”

  1. Habs-Bruins game….1971….we were down 5-2 going into the 3rd…Ferguson, Beliveau…won the Cup that year….GO HABS!!

  2. My sister now lives in Vancouver and is a huge Habs fan living in Coquitlam. Are there any Habs hockey bars for the playoffs anywhere in the area??

    thank you.

    GO HABS GO!!!!

  3. Habsdoc, that’s a great reminder of what can haopen. Bruins beware. Thanks.

    Older brother, I don’t know of any bars around Coquitlam but maybe someone can write in who might know. Downtown Vancouver, I’m sure the Sharks Club will be rockin with the game on. Go Habs!

  4. 1971 was a great win but looking back with all the HOFers on that
    team maybe not as compared today how HOFers on this team….

  5. no Dennis yes its only you and some fans who think that montreal has a chance, but I got STUCK with them in this round so I’m actually pulling for them shocking hey

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