Hartley Ropes A Cowtown Contract

The guy many thought would be the next Habs coach, Bob Hartley, won’t be the next Habs coach, as he’s just signed on with the Calgary Flames.

So that’s that.

It is a little surprising, though. Hartley comes from Hawkesbury, just down the road from Montreal. He’s French and he seemed to be the frontrunner. But I suppose he got an offer he couldn’t refuse from the Flames, and that’s fine.

Usually it’s players who don’t want to come to Montreal. Now it’s coaches too. Maybe he didn’t want the pressure and limelight, although Calgary has it’s own share of such. Just not on par with the Canadiens, that’s all.

My thinking is, if Marc Bergevin desperately wanted Hartley on board, he would have made sure it happened. Or maybe the boss couldn’t afford him because he has to pay Scott Gomez.

And maybe our GM has a real beauty in mind, and when the announcement comes, we’ll drive around town and toot our horns and people will wonder what all the fuss is about. Or maybe not.

If Hartley didn’t really want to coach in Montreal, then we don’t want him anyway. I guess I’ll just lump him in with Daniel Briere from now on, although you’re probably going to say that I don’t know any details so what the heck am I talking about and I shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. But just the other day, when Geoff and Marc were at my house and we ate and drank and talked about……

Now who’s gonna be the bench boss in the big city? What’s Bergevin got up his sleeve? Who’s going to be the guy to lead the team to the promised land, in both official languages.

Guy Carbonneau?

10 thoughts on “Hartley Ropes A Cowtown Contract”

  1. Can’t believe the best we can do is retreading Carbo, Therien, or even Crawford. If it was between them then I think I’d just as soon have Roy but what do I know unlike you Dennis no one is asking for my opinion!
    I don’t know if this has been mentioned by anyone but every hab fan needs to check out the interview between PK and George Strombolopalo lolo lo… Very funny and how could anyone not like this guy?

  2. Not to worry, MB will hire the best available guy based on language……….. I am exercising the Christopher option and changing my mind…. Patty Roy. what do u think dishonest John?

  3. I’m thinking that Bergevin wasn’t sold on Hartley. I’m thinking Hartley saw it coming and preempted the decision. “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”

    Given the proposed remaining experienced French speaking candidates (Therrien/Crawford/Carbo/Roy) i’m not impressed. I think we need fresh blood and while Roy interests me he also scares me. I’ve been thinking that i’d like to see a youth/experienced combo behind the bench. Something like a young up and comer and an experienced veteran coach as an assistant to fill the experience gap. I don’t know much about the up and comers but if a Groulx is a good candidate who is lacking NHL experience maybe they could pair him up with someone like Larry Robinson (if he’s interested and available). Fresh face who i’d love to have back in the fold and who is not interested in the head coaching position. I think that could be a great option…

  4. Geoff, I agree, I don’t think Bergevin was sold on Hartley either. Otherwise, he would have made it happen. And as far as the three mentioned, I’m not a Crawford fan at all. Therrien, who knows? Maybe he’d be just fine. Patrick? I’m against this for sure. And I think Carbo might do things a bit differently than before and do well. But having said that, I love the idea of Robinson helping out. I also like the idea of Jacques Lemaire.
    TSN said last night that an announcement would probably be next week. I wish they’d hurry up.

  5. From my limited knowledge of these French speaking coaches, Hartley was my first choice and Vigneault was second if he was let go. Now what’s the chance that someone will make Yzerman an offer he can’t refuse? I’m worried that eventually Roy may be the best remaining option.

    Hobo, the reason I change my mind is that I can’t remember what I think. Every day brings an all new set of opinions.

  6. Chris, thanks for this. PK is a fine and decent young guy and the sky’s the limit as a hockey player. But it seems he’s a lousy driver.

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