Hard Times

I’ve had a hard time lately. I can’t seem to find my 8×10 Scott Gomez picture that Darth sent me. I’ve looked in quite a few places – the kitchen cupboards, under the bed, the hair brush drawer, the compost heap, between toilet paper rolls, the cat food bag, in the fireplace, under the basement steps, everywhere, but it’s just not showing up.

Darth, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. I’ll find it.

Also, I was driving my car the other day around 4:30 PM and I looked at my radio clock and it said 4:30 AM, and I thought, how could this be? I must have bumped it by mistake and changed the setting. I drove for awhile longer and it bothered me, so finally I stopped, even though I was in a rush, and tried to make it PM again. I even got out the manual but nowhere in there did it explain how to adjust AM and PM. So I left it and decided to ask around.

The next day I noticed the clock was fine, and it was then that I realized that the AM was for AM radio.

For Halloween we bought a bunch of those little chocolate bars (candy bars in the states), but hardly anyone showed up so we’re left with a whole bunch. But my wife hid them on me. Is this cause for divorce? Does it say anywhere in law books that along with infidelity, different kinds of abuse, abandonment, mental instability etc, there’s also the hiding of chocolate bars? I’d like to know.


10 thoughts on “Hard Times”

  1. Dennis – are you sure that Gomez picture isn’t polluting some garbage dump somewhere? 🙂

    We’re all going a little bit crazy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out of the house with my shirts on inside out or I’ve gone into a room and can’t figure out why I went in there to begin with.

    I’ve even yelled at my computer for not accepting my passwords…then I notice I have Caps Lock on.

    We really need hockey back.

  2. Marjo, that’s a huge compliment. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, and of course Seinfeld. Larry David is great, so thanks!

  3. Marjo, I’ve never seen the British version of The Office. I also think the US one lost a lot after Steve Carell left. On a different note, I really like Breaking Bad.

  4. Just about to start watching the Breaking Bad Series, but Dennis have you seen Sons of Anarchy? Thats a must see. I think I know how I can get the players and owners to settle this, all I have to do is bet $1000 that there will be no NHL season and BANG they will sign. I haven’t won a bet in years. I will place that bet tonight and we will see…..

  5. Hi Robin. Haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy but I’ll watch for it. If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad, I think you’re in for real treat. It’s a beauty of a show but the next season will be its last. Too bad. I’ll miss it. And great idea about betting money to get hockey going. Just get the $1000 from the old man. Good luck!

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