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  1. DK, I’m thankful we have this GREAT site to come to every day!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours & all your loyal readers!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Yes we have much to be thankful for that’s for sure Dennis. Hope you are having a good Thanksgiving weekend and that your wishbone works its magic for you.

    Another thing to be thankful for is most signal/cable providers are offering the NHL Channel/Centre Ice for free until October 24th.

    That means we can watch Halak and the Blues play against the Ducks today at 2:00 Eastern Time. (I think that’s 10:00 in BC.)

    It’s on channel 453 at my end.

    There are other games too. But that one caught my eye.

    Those other games include: Rangers/Isles, Bruins/Coyotes, Penguins/Devils, Hawks/Sabres, Avs/Flyers, Panthers/Canucks.

    You can also catch the action online…


  3. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians.

    I assume Thanksgiving Day is not actually on your birthday, Dennis, because information took time to travel back in those far off days before twitter and e-mail etc. and so it was some days before for the news that you were finally amongst us filtered up to those who have the power to set aside whole weekends to celebrate. Besides it means you can enjoy 2 birthday celebrations, like Her Maj.

    And it’s about time the rest of us had a Thank God for Canada day as well.

    While you were all eating and drinking yourself insensible I was watching lots of big hairy men in helmets, padding and body armour, wielding a variety of sharpened implements and smashing into each other for the best part of an hour and it all ended with one of ’em getting it in the eye.

    No I wasn’t watching a replay of Saturday’s game but a recreation of the Battle of Hastings and it was poor old Harold and not PK.

    As it was in 1066, Don Cherry was already too old for military service or he’d have been there telling Harold he was too lippy with the Normans and anyway what do you expect when your up against someone called William The Bastard (he only became The Conquerer when he’d conquered – change of location, badge, shirts but essentially the same franchise).

    I do enjoy the pair of them mostly, but that was nonsense. If it was accidental fair enough, it happens. If it wasn’t then is that really how you teach a young man a lesson? Given the nonsense he’s heard over the years it seemed to even shock McClean.

    Saw the Leafs game but missed this one. Great to win in Pittsburgh and Price showing he has what it takes if he can keep reproducing the form.

    Still a worry we allow quite so many shots.

    How did Ellar and Boyd get on?

    Is there anyway you can get that bear to cross your path before every game?

  4. Thanks Danno. And thanks for the TV tip. You’re a super sleuth – Danno of Scotland Yard. Columdanno. Sherlock Danno.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you Dennis and also to all to whom will read this today. I am thankful for a humble brand new Captain of my Canucks, who will play fair and have the best interests of his team in the forefront.
    I pray to the turkey god today that my team will be victorious this evening and not go to another f$%&in’ shootout…god how I heartily dislike those!

  6. Blue Bayou – I studied the Battle of Hastings in school but of course I didn’t hear a word of it because I needed to get down to the pool hall where the important things were taking place. All I know about this battle is like you say – big, hairy men in armour who were younger than Don Cherry.
    My wife thinks Don Cherry is quite nuts and I defend him often, but his take on young PK, our fresh new star, is quite something. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving punishing blows to star players and trash talking. It’s all part of the game. But Don wants PK to keep quiet, genuflect, and say three Hail Mary’s whenever Sid the Kid and a couple of others are trying to score and beat our team. It’s just nonsense.
    Eller and Boyd continue to show that they’re excellent additions, although Eller wasn’t quite as noticeable as he was in game one. I think he’s going to be a good one. Boyd too.
    Tonight I’m going to go out with a bunch of raw steaks and see if I can entice the bear to eat out of my hand and become a pet. And somewhere in this is a joke in the making – “why did the bear cross my path?” Just haven’t come up with a punchline yet.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kelly and the gang, Jan. You are not going to believe your eyes and ears when you see how nice I’m going to be to the Canucks this year. I think it’s because I’m older and maturing.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Dennis. I trust you are enjoying a day stuffed with family, friends, turkey and stuffing. It would be perfect to sit back and watch a Hab’s game. Instead the team will just owe us a big win on Wednesday.

    Keep the big juicy steaks for yourself. The bear should be happy with the leftover turkey carcass. But if you can turn the bear into a pet, take him to Don Cherry’s place and watch him run from his beloved Bruin.

  9. Thanks Christopher. It’s a quiet Thanksgiving and I’m obliged to work night shift tonight. So I suppose it’s just another day in some ways. But that’s just fine with me, for sure.
    I had a teddy bear when I was little who would sleep with me and I’m hoping a real live pet bear might do the same. My wife might not be crazy about it but like I told her, bears need nice beds too.

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