Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day

Yes, happy St. Jean Baptiste Day to all Quebecers. A big day. A provincial holiday. A time to party.

This is my second St. Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec, but the first doesn’t count because Lucy and I were only just arriving. It doesn’t feel any different. There’s still no party.

I’m still not exactly sure what it is. How come it’s a provincial holiday for John the Baptist? He never even came here. Although he’s a deserving fellow in many ways of course. I think more deserving than Queen Victoria, who has her big day in May.

According to Wikipedia, the first one was celebrated on the banks of the St. Lawrence way back in 1636. Close to the time the Leafs last won the Cup.

It honours the feast of John the Baptist. With all due respect to theologians, why do we say that? I had to look that up and I still don’t get it. I think June 24th is John’s birthday, which is also called the feast of.

No idea and I was an altar boy. Is the feast a celebration of John Baptist’s birth, or one of his big honkin barbecues?

Regardless, it should be August 4th. Maurice Richard Day. The Feast of Maurice Richard if you will.

Jean Baptiste’s buddy Jesus gets some big days like Christmas and Easter. Jean gets a good day at the beginning of summer.

It’s kinda like Jesus is Elton John and Jean Baptiste is Elton’s old friend and songwriter Bernie Taupin. Bernie is really important, but more in the background.

A great St. Jean Baptiste Day to all Quebecers. Even to the ones who want to separate. Peace and love from St. Hubert.






7 thoughts on “Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day”

  1. Dennis……congratulations, your a ”QUEBECQUOIS” now and part of it is the non-understanding of this holiday…just take it in as being a paid day off of work to basically drink beer and mow your lawn. Your article is hilarious and read it twice…keep up the great blogs!

  2. Happy St. Jean Baptiste to you too Dennis. You should celebrate by writing a 100,000 word hockey essay. Best way to spend a day off. 🙂

  3. Darth, 100,000 words? That’s a lot. I might need a lot of good drugs to get me through.

  4. Dennis — Happy belated St Jean Baptiste Day ! Hope you relaxed, sat back and cracked open a few pints !

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