Happy New Year!!!

Yes indeed, Happy New Year.

May 2010 be a great year for you, and may you not get arthritis. And if you do get arthritis, let me know, I have some ideas to make you feel better, some of them even legal.

And while you’re all partying and kissing your partner’s best friend and wearing a lamp shape on your head and whooping and hollering as the new year gets closer, I’ll be working. I’ll be making sure the ferry runs smoothly so we don’t have the problems they’re having at airports. Yes people, I’m doing it for you.

It’s all about you.

And it’s also about the Habs.

In 2010, may there be no more injuries. May both our goalies not have to face 45 shots anymore. May the team climb high in the standings and show Leaf and Bruins fans they were wrong when they said bad things about us.

May the Habs wives and girlfriends continue to look beautiful and experience peace and contentment when your guys are napping on game day instead of showing affection to you. And may he say sweet things to you and kiss you on the cheek and not complain about the coach or the lack of ice time he’s getting.

May we never see those striped uniforms in 2010.

May Canada’s Olympic team win gold, and our Juniors too, even though I was cut from the junior squad because I didn’t come to any practices and I’m too old. But hey, nobody told me all the rules.

May all the readers of this blog be healthy, wealthy and wise. A fellow wrote in to a hockey website recently about this blog, saying that the comments here are the liveliest and friendliest out there. At some point I’ll post this letter because I think he’s right. When things really heat up in the comment section here, it makes for terrific reading because everyone really knows what they’re talking about. Of course, these readers get to watch games while others are working.

And once again, soon I’ll be packing my dismal, meagre peanut butter sandwiches and trudging to work with my head down and a frown on my face while you are laughing and smiling and telling lousy jokes and watching the Habs and the juniors and the silliness in Time’s Square and eating cupcakes and I”ll be stuck making sure the ferry’s doing fine because it affects the economy and people’s moods and it’s all about you. I want you to get to your gawddamn, overrated, hangover-inducing parties safe and sound and on time.

Yes people, I’m working so you don’t have to.

Happy New Year to everyone!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Happy New Year to you too Dennis and everyone else here. May 2010 be another wonderful year at dennis-kane.com with great game reviews and memories of fantastic players and games of the past.

  2. Wow I can’t believe you’re working. Your boss is a horrible man.
    it’s already 2010 in China so the hype’s died down. but i’ll be staying up all night watching the Habs! šŸ˜€

    I hope 2010 will be an even greater year for you!
    May wealth, health and more Habs wisdom shine upon you.

    And as for your Peanut Butter Sandwich. I’ll bring a special Chinese Dinner if i pass by BC. It’s doggone good.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thank’s Phil. Geez, if you’re a day ahead, you can tell me all the scores so I can bet on them and make so much money I can retire! And I love Chinese food. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Phil if you get that time machine going, we can gather everyone together and go to a Habs game in the 1950’s! Wouldn’t that be fun?

  5. Hey Dennis;I’m sorry you have to go through this work thing,people should be able to have hockey leave written into there work contracts this time of year(not christmas time ,junior hockey&Hab hockey).I didn’t go to any junior games today as I was in mourning for you missing out.Please understand this can’t happen all the time and you will have to find a more Hab friendly occupation.I hope all goes well with you at work tonite ,take care my friend and I will look for you tommorow.

  6. Thanks Derry. This is why I either need to be owner of the team, stickboy, or the guy who makes the wives comfortable. Then I wouldn’t be in this pickle. But like I said, I’m working so nobody else has to. I’ll see the games later on in the middle of the night.

  7. You are such a dedicated man. In fact while you’re making sure that the ferries are running on time, quelling riots in the parking lot and saving drowning passengers, Patti and I are going over to your place to drink Kane beer and munch on the “diet” candies you left in your stocking.

    ps Happy New Year.

  8. Happy New Years DK & all!

    A game in the 50’s eh? Didn’t they wear ties back then(all the time)? Hmm let’s bring our muppet ties Dennis!

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