Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to to all moms everywhere. Moms make the world go round. Even Ma Barker tried hard.

After reading Alvin Karpis’ book “Public Enemy Number One, I now realize that Ma Barker was misunderstood. She was just a poor woman from the Ozarks with a bunch of sociopathic sons, and she never took part in any jobs. When Karpis and Doc and Freddy Barker planned a bank heist or kidnapping, they went out to the car to talk about it. Ma was always left in the dark.

Basically, she was a simpleton.

She eventually got tuned in when she went to the movies with Karpis and Freddy and saw a clip on the big screen about how dangerous and murderous her boys were. But she never stopped being a mom until the day she was cut down by the Feds in a hail of fire.

Moms are like that.

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