Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day, or Labor Day in the U.S.

I feel sorry for those who don’t work. They don’t get this holiday.

I’ve noticed that Sens fans aren’t crazy about Daniel Alfredsson right now. No loyalty to the Senators from Alfie, they’re saying. Go for a few bucks more in Detroit and end his career there instead of in Ottawa, where it should have ended.

Maybe he should have stayed, I don’t know. He probably feels that the city of Detroit is just too beautiful to pass up on. And I can’t talk. I showed absolutely no loyalty to the Otaco factory in Orillia when I went uptown for lunch one day and never came back.

Just saw on the news that man has grown 11 cm (4.33 inches) since 1870. It gets my heart pumping, because if I can live for just 115 more years, I’ll finally be a six-footer!  And if David Desharnais can play for another 143 years, he will be too!

Also on the news today was a story about 56 gnomes showing up at the water treatment plant in Parry Sound – Gnomes in Parry Sound . When I read this and saw that the gnomes were described as “human-like creatures”, I thought it was tremendously heart-warming that 56 Boston Bruins players would make the trip to Parry Sound to pay homage to the town’s most famous citizen, Bobby Orr, the greatest Bruin of them all.

But then the article said the gnomes were small and plastic and they didn’t mention hideously ugly, so I realized it wasn’t Bruins players after all. I wish news writers would sometimes be more clear.

3 thoughts on “Happy Labour Day”

  1. With no Ivor Wynne to host the Labour Day Classic for the Ti-Cats to maul the Argo-Nots, I thought Labour Day was cancelled.

  2. Yeah Mike, I hope the ‘Nuts will still have their demons at the new Tim Horton’s field as long as they don’t get lost in Guelph. Too many of the Forum ghosts lost their way in the short journey to the Molson/Bell Centre.

    BTW, a couple in my mother’s building were part of the Local 50 Labour Day float. Even retired they worked hard in celebration of their day.

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