Happy Grey Cup Day

The 101st Grey Cup goes today in chilly Regina, with the hometown Roughriders going helmet to helmet with the Eastern Champion Hamilton Ti-Cats.

It may be cold in Regina but it’s not exactly sunbathing time in Montreal either. It’s freaking freezing. A cold wind a ‘blowin.

Winter’s beginning. The real hockey starts.

How did I get away from the Grey Cup like that?

Go Saskatchewan.

Hoping for a high scoring affair with a last second field goal to win it.

I was at a Grey Cup game at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa in the 1980s. We sat in temporary end zone seats way too far from the action. I felt like I was sitting in west-end Ottawa and the game was in the east end.

There should be a law against bad seats at any sporting event or concert. In a perfect world, everyone would see the action just like being in front of a TV, only live.

Why don’t they make male store mannequins with beer guts? The mannequin looks like a million bucks in the store window, even without a face. But when I put on the same shirt, it’s pretty bad and it’s giving me an inferiority complex.

How’d I get away from the Grey Cup again?

Go Hamilton!


7 thoughts on “Happy Grey Cup Day”

  1. I never made it to a Grey Cup game while living in Canada. It is one of the great regrets of my life.

  2. Ian, at the game I was at, there was a Sask. fan in the stands with a big top hat on, and every so often he’d blow a flame out of the top of the hat about four feet high. Really funny.

  3. Back in the mid-1980s, there was a Grey Cup in Montreal. I forget who the Eastern representative was (that was during the years where the Alouettes did not exist, and the Concordes did not yet exist), but the Lions were the representative of the West. Well, a bunch of drunken Lions fans were parading down Ste. Catherine, and were bellowing out, in repetitive fashion, “B.C.! B.C.! B.C.!”

    I was kind of an instigator in my younger days, if you can believe that, so after one of their screams of “B.C.!”, I yelled out “D.E.!”

    It’s the only time in my life where I saw 30+ people do a double-take at the same time…………..

  4. Had they been creative enough, instead of hammered, that’s EXACTLY what they would have said!

    As an aside, I can pretty much guarantee you that I’m the only person anywhere Daytona Beach who is watching the Grey Cup right now!

  5. It was a good game for all of six minutes, and then my Ticats forgot they were in a championship game. It was great to beat the Argos last weekend, but that didn’t give us the Grey Cup.

    Hats off to those Saskatchewan fans, they do know how to celebrate. And they’re everywhere. In a downtown Ottawa bar, the majority of fans were in Rider green. I was part of a very small minority sulking in a corner.

    I guess we’ll just have to win it next year. A brand new stadium should do wonders.

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