Happy Easter To Everyone

Hope you’re having a terrific weekend. Is it okay to have chocolate bunnies instead of meat and potatoes today?

This picture includes my mom who’s been gone since 1978, and my little furry Easter duck that was mine when I was a baby and got back a year ago when the old homestead was being cleaned out.

I thought it was a baby chick until Luci told me it’s a duck.


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter To Everyone”

  1. Dan, you’re so lucky. Do you have some sort of ticket package as you seem to go fairly often? Have a great time. If I find myself downtown at that time I’ll stop in and say hi. Sometimes it’s a little complicated.

  2. I am very fortunate as I am in a ticket package with 3 other guys and a very good friend of mine is in a likewise situation so we share and get to go to more games than we would otherwise. It took me many years to be this lucky so I am only hoping the Habs have some of my luck and we get to the promised land.

  3. Eat lots of chocolate, especially the good stuff, not the stuff we give kids.

    And now we’ve started our play-off run which will culminate in a 25th Stanley Cup celebration that will make Mardi-Gras look like a church picnic.

  4. Regards and happy Easter to everybody & Ill be sure not to wash the Max shirt. And of course, another win tonight, a great gift to Montreal fans for Easter!

    A lot to say and a lot will be said about that game till Tuesday but I am tired so not me tonight.

    About the Rocket, I’ve got a dandy bk which I will dig up later this week on a few details about this and that.

    Now about the record, the clue about the play offs … your guess was warm so keep checking!

    And it wld have beena treat to have been there for the game!

  5. I’m still looking around, William. But if I don’t get it, you’re going to have to tell me.

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