Happy Birthday To Two Good Habs Fans

At this time I want to send out big birthday wishes to twins Kirk and Karl in Powell River who are turning 62 today and who have been lifelong Habs fans. Your buddy Mikey D let me know about you that “if you mentioned the word “Boston” or “Bruins” to them, they’d take you out for a dance in the parking lot.”

Music to my ears.

Happy birthday, guys. May your next 62 years see as many Habs Stanley Cups as your first 62!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Two Good Habs Fans”

  1. Habby Birthday Kirk and Karl!

    When you blow out your candles out make sure you wish for a nice tall silver trophy for the Habs this year.

    By the way, those are the world’s most beautiful cupcakes Dennis.

    Too cute to eat.

  2. Thanks Dennis for doing that favour for me. The birthday boys are probably busy travelling today but they wanted me to pass on their thanks to you. It was a great time especially when the non-Canadiens fans spilled out the Habs cheer. And yes Danno, I’m sure they made the wish you mentioned. There was no cake but the candle was a Budweiser and there was no problem blowing it out. Cheers.

  3. All the very best Kirk & Karl!! I’ll be 62 this year also and a life time HABS fan & I’ll join you guy’s out in the parking lot if anyone utters the words Bruins or Boston!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone. We had a great time on Sunday. Thanks Dennis for the great “cake”. I didn’t know about your website until the wifey showed me this when I got home on Monday. I will check it out. Mikey, your the best. Hope that we can do it all again next year..


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