Happy 80th Jean Beliveau


It’s Jean Beliveau’s 80th birthday on Wednesday, the 31st day of August, and a fellow named Greg Meakin in Seattle has launched a Jean Beliveau website where you can send Big Jean your birthday greeting via an e-card. It’s here, at Jean Beliveau.net . I’ve sent my greeting, and I’m proud to have been able to do so.

Happy Birthday, Jean. You’ve meant so much to so many. May you have many more.

6 thoughts on “Happy 80th Jean Beliveau”

  1. Darth, when I’m owner I’m going to do something nice for Big Jean. But I don’t have the perfect gift thought of just yet. Maybe petition to have a major downtown street like Sherbrooke named after him. Maybe you can be his chauffeur!!!!

  2. All the best Jean, you’re the best.

    Dennis, forget the street, lets start a petition to rename the town. Maybe his hometown, Béliveauville sounds much better than Victoriaville.

  3. Happy Birthday to definitely the classiest man in hockey, maybe all of sport and maybe the classiest man in the universe.

    This happened a while ago, but since it’s Mr. Beliveau’s birthday it’s worth another look at the big man – who measures more than 600 feet in this unique tribute to him.


    Dennis, I love yours and Darth’s idea. But why stop at streets and towns?

    Let’s rename Canada to Beliveauland! At least for his birthday!

    Bonne Fête Jean!

    And many more!

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