Hal’s Back!

Hal Gill has signed a brand new, one-year contract worth 2.25 million, and I’m glad about this. Hal’s a steady, likeable veteran, a mentor to young PK Subban, and apparently a guy the rest of the team can’t get to shut up. But that’s great. He’s a character and we need characters.

Now the Canadiens have to decide about Andre Markov, Roman Hamrlik, James Wisniewski, Brent Sopel, and Paul Mara. But Hal’s an excellent start.

Wow, Habs news. Imagine.

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  1. Dennis,

    Glad to see you back in blogland. As much as I don’t really care about the Canucks and I would have liked to see the Habs bring the cup back to Canada, I despise the Bruins. So Canucks it is.

    For defense, I’d like to see Markov, Gorges (he’s RFA), I wouldn’t mine Hammer for another year. I think he played beyond the call of duty for the past couple of years with Markov being injured. I think that should be rewarded. He was a good soldier. How about you, how do you see our defense?

  2. Thanks Moey. For me, I would like to see Markov and Wiz back for sure, and maybe Hamrlik. Sopel can go, and probably Mara too although Mara showed some jam that others didn’t and I appreciated that. It was nice to see some toughness for a change so maybe I’d keep him. All I know is, I want the Bruins to go down, and down fast.

  3. I’m okay with them bringing Gill back because I think he is very respected in the room and guys like Subban and who knows maybe even Diaz and Weber can learn a lot from him.
    And on another note there may be hope for the NHL yet as Campbell is stepping down from his post as the Booin’s Fairy Godmother. It’s about time and thank goodness it came before the final series. As for Shanahan taking over maybe it’s a good move but the league really needed to hire an independent third party.

  4. It’s about time he stepped down, DJ. Campbell should never have been in that position, with his son playing. Shanahan might be good. Although it’s hard for me to really put much faith in any of them.

  5. I like the signing. He’s done wonders for Gorges and Subban, who will be his protege this year.

    We’re building up a large stockpile of defencemen. I hope it’s not needed, I definitely don’t want a repeat of last year’s rash of injuries.

    Thankfully Subban is signed for another year, hopefully as our #2.
    Gill’s a steady #4.
    Unfortunately we’re stuck with Spacek as an expensive #6.
    We also just signed Europeans Yemelin and Diaz who aren’t coming to North America just to play in the minors as 25 year olds. Hopefully they’ll be better than the others in Hamilton who haven’t impressed me. In the meantime I’ll rank them as a #9 and #10.

    Gorges won’t be allowed to leave, he’ll get a long term contract. #3
    Weber will be back too, he’s young and improving. #7

    Most importantly we need Markov back and healthy as a #1. Hopefully not too expensive, he still owes us for the last 2 years.
    I’d like Wisniewski back, but not with much of raise. #5
    Hamrlik too for 1 year, but at a greatly reduced rate but I don’t see it happening if the Wiz is signed first. #5

    No opinion on Picard, he’s OK, but easily replaced as #8
    I don’t want or foresee Sopel or Mara coming back next year.

    But if I get to dream, I wonder what it will take to sneak RFA Shea Weber out of Nashville. They can’t afford him and UFA Suter. My dilemma, the only one I think they would really want is PK and is the only one I wouldn’t give up.

  6. Good to have Gill Back.

    Markov – Gorges
    Subban – Gill
    Spacek – Yemelin
    Hamrlik/Weber? – Mara

    – Hamrlik has earned another year but it would have to be a huge discount (More along Gills numbers). I think we need a move to youth and speed and Hammer brings none of that. But he was rock solid when we needed him. Hate to see him go but we are way too friggin old on the blueline.
    – Spacek’s contract unfortunate and expensive.
    – I like Mara’s toughness. With 3-4 more tough players our injuries lessen. We are way too small which accounts for many significant injuries. Hope Gauthier sees this. Mara staying is a long shot tho.
    – Hope Sopel goes. Too slow and not smart defensively.
    – not a big Wiz fan. Coughs it up a lot and wasn’t impressive on the PP. Not even close to Markov. Markov makes him obsolete and expensive. No one can challenge what Markov brought to the PP which is where we sucked the big one in the playoffs. Wiz had a shot but …
    – Diaz, kinda small but looks talented (2 way contract so likely will start in Hamilton). With our injuries, he’ll see time with big club.
    – Weber likely a utility forward as he did play well on the wing (if he comes back). Looks like trade bait to me though.
    – Picard likely gone as he has not impressed. Would be nice to get something for him

    PG will have to be busy as we need lots of help up front too.

    – Will be good to LeBlanc get some time. Sounds impressive but injured til November.
    – I hope Gomez gets buried in the minors. Embarrassing. For shame Gainey.
    – How was Alex Avtsin in Hamilton, and Engqvist? Some interesting players in Hamilton ready to move up.

    Canm’t wait til October. Optimistic as usual but this year will be different. C’mom PG!!! Do some damage!

  7. Mayo, good comment. So many defencemen. I like Mara’s toughness too as we don’t have nearly enough of that sort of thing. Wiz came to Montreal and played fantastic, getting points almost every game, but in the last month or so was quite invisible. If he stays, we need him to continue being an offensice defenceman. Or has Jacques Martin’s system taken him out of that? Hammer has been slowing down for several years but he makes up for with veteran experience. Sopel can go. The new guys? We’ll just have to wait and see if they impress at camp. Forwards? LeBlanc – who knows. Gomez – damn.

  8. Chris, Shea Weber! He’s probably absolutely untouchable but we can dream. He’s one of the top young d’s in the league and he’d look great in a Habs uniform. Geez, what a thought.

  9. Shea Weber would look good. And Dennis, I know you love the Wiz. He is impressive with his toughness and PP shot. Maybe he needs a bit more time in a Habs uniform. Maybe we haven’t seen his best. He was a bit invisible but the pressure to play here likely shockeed him. Like I am with Hammer, I am pretty hard on the Wiz too. He’s only 25 so I hope the Habs give him a good long look as he is not insignificant. Can’t argue with a Markov, Gorges, Subban, Wiz lineup. That’s pretty stacked right there. How about the Jagr rumour?

  10. Mayo, I was disappointed when Wiz stopped playing well because he had been going so well. But we know he’s capable and that’s the main thing. It’ll also be interesting to see how Subban has matured with another year.
    I haven’t liked the Jagr rumour since I first heard it about a month ago. I don’t want another old retread. Heck, I wasn’t even crazy about him in his heyday. I know he was a great player but I couldn’t stand the way he’d blow kisses to the crowd after a goal. He was good, that’s for sure, but that was a million years ago. Of course, if he came to Montreal and was a standout, maybe I’d learn to like him. But in general, I’d rather he didn’t wear the CH.

  11. I’m with you Dennis, keep Jagr away. Despite all those NHL goals and points, I’ve never been impressed with him when it mattered most. The only times I remember him stepping up his play is during international games for Czech Republic.

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