Halpern Brings Experience And Hopefully More

He’s 34 with a one-year contract with a brand new team.  He’s Jeff Halpern, now a Montreal Canadien via, LA, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Washington, and the team has just gotten a little bit grittier and a little bit deeper.

Take away Dominik Moore and Glen Metropolit, and add Jeff Halpern.

Halpern has racked up 131 goals and 185 assists in 720 NHL games. And no, these aren’t numbers to make anyone’s head swoon and recall Steve Shutt. But Halpern adds depth and grit and experience, and these three important intangibles are welcomed on any team. I’m guessing he’s great in the dressing room and on the bench, and there is much to be said for that.

This addition is good, I’m sure. Well, sort of sure.  Not really sure. It certainly isn’t earth shattering.

But there’s nothing I like better than gritty players. Remember Tom Kostopoulos?

This is also the power of positive thinking hard at work.

Halpern’s wikipedia info is a click away

10 thoughts on “Halpern Brings Experience And Hopefully More”

  1. I’m with ya on the grit and experience, Dennis, but what concerns me is the absence of roster spots and cap space for any of the rookies hoping to make the team this year, save for Subban and Eller. Gauthier mentioned the young ‘uns involved in Chicago’s successful cup run this summer, but he didn’t leave much space for them on this year’s Habs team. That last comment subject to immediate change if Gauthier makes another quick unexpected move to free up cap space. Since that wouldn’t surprise me after the Halpern signing, I don’t expect Gauthier to do it tho. He likes to surprise me, it seems, but not with what I actually want – free season tix and a 25th Stanley Cup for our boys.

  2. That’s what I want too, Tyg. Free tickets and a Cup. Maybe Gauthier will come out of this smelling like roses. Myself, I’m not crazy about too many young guys on a team, except when we’re talking about J, Toews and P. Kane and guys like that. So I don’t mind Halpern’s age. As long as there’s a nice mix. He’s not a big scorer but hopefully he’ll be important other ways. This season is going to be so interesting. Whew!

  3. Wow, Danno. The reviews in the past aren’t raving. Hopefully he’ll have more of an impact in Montreal.

  4. But Danno, the previous link you sent was very interesting because it showed reviews of various stages in his career, including being a healthy scratch from time to time. Through all this, I’m practising the power of positive thinking.

  5. Dennis, is your power of positive thinking being fortified with Dennis Kane’s Really Strong F@%*ing Beer? Cause if so, that’s cheating unless you share.

  6. Tyg, Really Strong F*&%%# Beer is excellent on corn flakes, strawberries, and steak. So I drink it morning, day, and night. It gives me power of positive thinkng and all kinds of weird thinking.

  7. Seems like an older version of Moen or a grittier version of Darche.
    Reports indicate that he signed for $600K but I can’t find any indication whether it’s a one-way or two-way contract. Personally I would have preferred keeping Moore for the $1.1M he signed with Tampa rather than both Darche and Halpern for $1.1M total. We’ve got too many forwards right now.

  8. Going off topic again. This season’s Battle of the Blades is loaded with ex-Canadiens. Valeri Bure, Patrice Brisebois, Russ Courtnall, Georges Laraque and P.J. Stock. The others are Kelly Chase, Theo Fleury and Todd Warriner. They must have felt that the best skaters last season were Claude Lemieux and Stéphane Richer.

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