Halloween Hab Cat


Your hangover might say Halloween’s over, but it’s not. We’re right in the middle of it. The kids haven’t even gone out yet to get those homemade popcorn things that people put together because they’re too cheap to buy chocolate bars.

Not that I like Halloween. In fact, I hate it. I’ve hated it ever since that night in Ottawa in the 70’s when my first wife and I went to a costume party and we were the only ones who bothered to dress up. It was a house full of government workers if that explains anything.

So I swore off Halloween right then and there.  

The picture is of Teesha, a family member, who likes to watch birds and animals on the National Geographic channel. I thought she was a baseball fan until I noticed that she slept through almost every game of the World Series.

She likes Halloween, and the Habs. Of course. You think I’d have a cat in the house that wasn’t a Habs fan?

Teesha was a baby kitten when friends found her in a ditch, and she was given to us after she lived with a horse in a field for awhile. She’s a loving little thing, full of warmth and tenderness, although she wants to take down Andrew Ference and tuck his middle finger into the open slimey guts of a rat she might murder and mangle.

7 thoughts on “Halloween Hab Cat”

  1. Pretty cat. I’ve got two of my own and they BETTER be Habs fans. If not I’m shipping them off. 🙂

    Why those people bother making popcorn stuff is beyond me. Most parents toss it out when their children get home because everyone is convinced everything homemade is poisoned. Another thing I hated about Halloween was the odd house that gave out healthy treats instead of good ol’ bad-for-you candy. I’d toss those the moment I was out of sight of the house.

    Speaking of funny party moments: back in college I was friends with an older woman and she told me a story about her and her boyfriend being invited to a party. They went, but unfortunately got there a bit late.

    They rang the bell, the host welcomed them, and they went in. The moment they turned the corner they got the shock of a lifetime. Turned out it was a swingers’ party. They saw a group of people in all states and she said she didn’t know where to put her eyes. She claims she didn’t stay.

  2. Hey Dennis,Cute cat for sure,I had a cat that my daughter named Hab,she died almost three years ago at the age of 16,she was born just before the Habs won the Stanley Cup in 93,hence her name.Lindsey(my daughter),just loved her cat and would call her name at the back door when she would be out at nite,worried that she wouldn’t come home.Cats are nice,but the Bruins are juist pussys,always have been,always will.

  3. Darth, good story. Maybe she looked a lot and didn’t admit it. When I was door to door milkman, I always fantasized about some lady answering the door in a negligee but it never happened. I do remember a woman answering the door with toothpaste all over her face though.

  4. Derry, I didn’t even like cats until we got ours. I was a dog guy. I always thought cats had no personality but I was completely wrong. Teesha is great. What a cat.

  5. I had a bit of luck once with a lady in a doorway. In my old apartment building I got up early one day to go to work and as I was walking down the hall one of the doors opened. It was a lady getting her newspaper.

    It took me a second to realise she was naked. I was stunned and she was stunned and we both kind of hesitated for a moment and then she quickly got back in and closed her door. It was the best thing that happened to me that day!

    After that she couldn’t look me in the eye and we didn’t talk for about a year.

    She had nothing to be ashamed of let me tell you. Va va voom!

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