Hall Of Fame Scores Some Photos

Classic Auctions has donated photographs from renowned Original Six photographer Alain Brouillard to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Beautiful shots of the Rocket, Bobby Hull, Terry Sawchuk and others are included.

The link, sent over by Christopher (thanks Chris) can be seen here – Hall’s Summer Treat.

6 thoughts on “Hall Of Fame Scores Some Photos”

  1. Thanks Danno. I plan on using it every time we’re in the playoffs until I go to the big rink in the sky.

    Thanks for the assist Dennis. How that porn pop-up got attached is beyond me since I did set it to “family friendly”.

  2. Computer’s are funny things, Darth. I’ve had my share of problems and tearing my hair out. I like my laptop and also want to throw it out the window from time to time.

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