Halakuva Night At The Bell

Jaroslav Halak stood on his head, stopping 45 shots, many of the very dangerous variety, and he and the Canadiens withstood the Vancouver Canucks to win 3-2 and in the process, clawed their way kicking and screaming back into the hearts of many Habs fans. At least for now.

And on top of everything, Sergei Kostityn looked like he popped a can of spinach and played his likable Belarusian heart out. He dashed and darted, scored once, assisted on another, almost scored a couple of other times, zipped around with flair, and elevated his game to a level we’ve rarely seen this year or last from him.

Sergei sergeied all night.

Maxim Lapierre sergeied too, scoring a big goal and doing exactly what we’ve all asked – chipping in. The big guns can’t do it all. So both Sergei and Max sergeied on this  night.

Benoit Pouliot added two assists and continues his rise up my personal favourite player ladder. And Tomas Plekanec scored, giving us great hope his recent slump is now a distant memory.

Such a big game tonight. The Canadiens beat a hot western team. They paid back for that dismal 7-1 bombing on October 7th that saw Carey Price implode in front of family and friends. They have a chance to slide into 7th place in the east. They played with some fire. Halak looked like Jacques Plante. Sergei and the grinders grinded. (ground? grid?) And I won’t have to listen to Canucks fans tomorrow go on about things.

I think the Stanley Cup parade should make its way down Ste. Catherines St. past the Forum.

Random Notes:

In Beantown Thursday. Look out Boston, we’re gonna sergei!

12 thoughts on “Halakuva Night At The Bell”

  1. Sandy, thanks! Halak played great. And yes, your team looks pretty good. I think the fans at the Bell Centre got their money’s worth.

  2. SERGEI!

    Man, did I ever enjoy this one.

    What do you think Dennis, think they can go on a little run before the break?

    Go Habs Go

  3. Hey Dennis;I listened to it via the wonderful web,and it sounded like a very exciting affair.The Canucks totally outshot our heroic Habitants ,but a great Halakian effort pulled us through this one.I was very impressed with Jaro’s game tonite(even though i figured Carey would have had a good game this time),the play by play announcer was praising his efforts throughout the nite and Segei’goal was a great one for sure.Bruins were big losers tonite ,lets get in there and grab a couple more points.

  4. Subdoxastic, they’ve got a couple of tough games coming up after Boston so if they can get through these, it would be tremendous. After Boston on Thursday it’s Pittsburgh Saturday, Boston again on Sunday, and Washington next Wednesday. It’s possible but we need more Sergei and Halak involved. It was a fun game last night, even being outshot.

  5. We’re rolling, Danno. There was no halak of energy on this night, that’s for sure. Great game to watch and so nice to see Sergei have a big night.

  6. Sometimes you can get a pretty good feed, via internet,
    for all habs games.
    free, try it, havent missed a game all year.
    Its that or the Leafs on every channel.

  7. Hi Dennis,
    Guess you will be having a field day with the Bruins if they lose tonight. Hey, I’ll be in attendance and raise a beer to you in the West. Phil, I like your posts, so I’ll have to have a second beer and toast you in the East.

    No matter what, will be a fine time tonight. I will thoroughly enjoy Oh Canada, as I always do!

    Stay well my Canadian friends and know not all Bostonians are jerks.

  8. Diane, I’m just worried that if you cheer for Montreal just a little, you’ll get a beer poured on your head.

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