Halak Stingy Again And Lesser-Lights Shine

There were no boos raining down from the Bell Centre rafters on this night. Because the home team was good. Really good.

It was Jaroslav Halak once again blanking the enemy, the Buffalo Sabres 3-0, after his 1-0 shutout the night before in Philadelphia.

It was Ryan O’Byrne almost deking out Halak and scoring on his own net, and then a few minutes later actually getting his first of the season against Ryan Miller.

It was a big game for the unheralded – Maxim Lapierre, Dominic Moore, S. Kostitsyn, O’Byrne, Tom Pyatt. These guys, the non-stars, stepped it up and did the job while the big guys took a bit of a back seat. It was not an overwheming performance by Scott Gomez, Tomas Plekanec, Benoit Pouliot and Brian Gionta, although Mike Cammalleri is usually very steady and was once again tonight.

But it’s okay if the big guns don’t have a big game, as long as the grinders do. And that’s what happened tonight.

It was payback time after the Sabres had broken the Canadiens’ backs in Buffalo last Wednesday with last minute heroics and shocking the Canadiens and the rest of us after being down 2-0 late in the game. The Habs were not going to let that happen again. Once was enough.

Random Notes:

Tom Pyatt and Sergei Kostitsyn also scored big goals..

Habs are now three points up on the 9th place Thrashers.

Next up: Canadiens on Long Island Tuesday. Needless to say, another win here is a good thing.

With O’Byrne’s goal, he’s now just 47 short of Paul Coffey’s defenceman record for goals scored. It’s just too bad there’s only three games left or he might have had a shot.

10 thoughts on “Halak Stingy Again And Lesser-Lights Shine”

  1. Dennis, that was a satisfying win. Even Le Baron on L’Antichambre said something positive about the Habs saying they “have a chance” to advance to the second round of the playoffs. It was great to finally see us stick the dagger in deep in the third period and keep the pressure on straight through until the dying seconds. If this keeps up, the next bronze statue in front of the Bell Centre may very well be of Jaroslav Halak who is quickly becoming a legendary goaltender.
    I love the fact that it was the plumbers who plugged the holes tonight and made this important win possible.
    if my math is right, two more wins will clinch our entry into the playoffs.
    Next to go — Isles and Canes on the road — and last but least, Leafs at home.
    Then the fun begins…
    Stay tuned. The playoffs will be won or lost on the strength of the goaltending.

  2. Always thought that Halak was a solid goaltender, but he’s shown us he’s even greater than that. I’m having strong feelings that this is it for Carey, I’d really like to see him stay, but, I don’t think Pierre Gauthier is gonna let that happen. These last games will be a real morale booster if they win. I’m sensing a Cinderella story.

  3. Two nights in a row! Last night you recieved 2pts for one goal…tonight you had to score 3. Nice s/o for your Halak.

  4. Jan, if your Cannots are gonna reach the finals, you should be concerned about meeting the Habs. We’ve got Halak and Rocket Richard taking the bull by the horns. Go ahead, you can admit it. You’re worried.

  5. It’s not it for Carey, Phil, just for now. For now, Halak is the man. But down the road, it could be Carey. We need to keep both and have the best goaltending duo in the league. This is a bonus, not a bad thing. All we have to do is hope Carey doesn’t get down in the dumps about this.

  6. Hobo. Paul. You know it, my man. You know, like I do, that the Rocket has offered guidance in this game. And thanks to Danno for bringing it back. Hey, the Yankees have had Babe Ruth work his magic througout the years. It’s time now for the Rocket to step up. The Rocket’s the man. I met him once, in Calgary. It was like meeting the Pope.

  7. The next step, Danno, is to see the stars shake their slumps and dominate. If we have Halak playing his game, the plumbers chipping in, and the stars rocking, this team can do damage. But rarely has it been seen this year. The thing though, is the playoffs are a completely different animal than the regular season. If Montreal ever decides to get it togther, then it could be really exciting. But we have no idea.

  8. Hey Dennis, I missed the game but was very happy with the final product,Yaro Halak is a great goalie for sure,Carey Price is the man though I would think,he is feeling some pressure right now but will for sure be back for the Habs next year,if not Gauthier is an idiot.

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