Halak In Goal, Swine In League

Jaroslav Halak will once again be between the pipes when the Canadiens torment the Penguins.

That’s the Habs news, other than Scott Gomez and Glen Metropolit not feeling well. Which brings me to the other news:

Looks like H1N1 is increasing and is beginning to get a grip in the NHL, mainly beginning in Edmonton where players are sniffing and snorting, and the one little question is this: Aside from the obvious fact that teams will have players on the shelf, will the vaccine prevent widespread sickness? In other words, what about the Oympics in Vancouver in three months?

Or will everything be under control by then?

8 thoughts on “Halak In Goal, Swine In League”

  1. When I read your headline Dennis, I thought “Swine in the League” was another story about his Truculence, Brian Burke of the TML.
    But seriously, if the flu gets out of control we may be witness to history repeating iteself. Let’s hope not.
    The 1918-1919 season is marked by the fact that the Stanley Cup was not awarded to any team due to the influenza outbreak.
    Here is the link:


    Here’s hoping everyone recovers and stays healthy this year.

    I am really glad to see JM has adopted the “you win you’re in” system for our goaltenders.

  2. Good one about Burke, Danno. I suppose the difference now about the flu is that most people don’t die from it like the Joe Hall days. But I guess you’re bedridden and weak for awhile. Anyways, not good. And again, good one about Burke.

  3. Yes I am, Lawrence. As soon as I find out where, and as long as there’s no block-long lineups to stand in. Did I mention I’m not a big Canucks fan?

  4. I’m with you on the vaccine Dennis– and I should be insisting the rest of the Canuckhouse also gets the shot as well. As it seems to be quite harsh and sometimes fatal on the teens, I’ll get them to wait in the line-up and call me when it’s our turn…..what? We pay for their phones! Anyway, keep washing your hands and try harder to get over the Canuck waxing of the Habs……….Go Canucks in So. Calif.!!!!!

  5. Yeah, get the kids done right away. And one thing, with the vaccine for everyone, does this mean it’s finished? I’ve no idea.

  6. Hey Dennis;I hope the league can control a pig flu outbreak,maybe quarantine Bettman may be a cure.This surely wont be as bad as the 1918 season,lets hope every team pulls through ok..oh ya H(habs)1N(new jersey)0.

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