Halak Holds Fort

It can be short and simple. Canadiens, because of the great backstopping of Jaroslav Halak, win a a huge game in Philadelphia, Halak gets a shutout stopping 35 shots, Montreal gains ground and moves into 6th spot, and goal scoring has almost completely dried up.

So it’s a good and bad situation. Win a big game, but continue to not score.

I guess this is a good night. I’m not sure.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec got the game’s only goal.

Habs greet the Sabres in Montreal Saturday night. Let’s hope it’s a rude greeting. Montreal’s offence needs to get going. There’s no time left.

It’s four games to go; Buffalo on Saturday, in Long Island Tuesday, Carolina Thursday, and back home next Saturday against Toronto to end the regular season.


13 thoughts on “Halak Holds Fort”

  1. WANTED:

    The Philidelphia Police are asking for the public’s assistance for any information leading to the arrest of a masked man wearing red white and blue clothing last seen at the Wachovia Centre.

    The suspect last seen brandishing a large stick, is charged with grand theft of an NHL hockey game. The masked man and his accomplice (also known as the Turtleneck Man) were last seen fleeing the arena towards the airport along with a large group who were also wearing the same gang colours.

    Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

  2. Hey Dennis;Halak is playing really well,great to see but…Carey Price had a good game the other nite ,named third star and was booed by the fans in Montreal,not a classy act by people considered to be very knowledgable fans.They piss me off when they do this,Carey is a great goalie,the team didnt help him at all the last game,or the game before when he was 2 minutes away from a shutout.I say give the guy a break and leave him alone.

  3. I’m impressed with Halak. Bigtime. I’m also impressed with Price. We’ve got 2 great young goaltenders in Montreal.

    What I’m not impressed with is the lack of offensive and defensive execution. I don’t know exactly what Martin’ strategy is anymore. Because the team sometimes comes out strong… and God forbid they grab the lead. Because they eventually just try to keep it…. instead of jumping on their opponents…. they really lack a killer instinct. The kind of killer instinct you need in the playoffs.

    And it’s beyond me why Martin won’t call a time out. I’m a little baffled.

    I can hear some haters…. thanking God that Halak was in goal instead of Price.

    The Habs need to score more then 1,2 or even 3 goals game in and game out to find the success we would all love to see them have. (At least us Habs fans)

    But….. at least, there’s a win tonight.

    Sleep well friends.

  4. Yves, the scoring’s a problem for sure. I think the last time they got five goals was about 17 games ago. Every night they put themselves in a position of blowing it. Last night in Philly the ice was tilted.

  5. Hey Derry. For some reason, Price has been in nets only when they lose, and it hasn’t been his fault. He’s played really well lately. I’d say it’s a string of bad luck for the young guy. These people who boo him should be taken out to the barn and shot.

  6. Chris, it’s because in Philly they raise the ice up so the Flyers skate downhill. It’s cheating.

  7. That suspect’s long gone, Danno. They’ll never catch him. Way too slippery. And I think he had about 20 gang members getting him out while getting’s good. It was first degree highway robbery.

  8. Not a satisfying win, but a win is a win. Last games are some easy ones, let’s hope they start scoring and get their confidence up for the playoffs.

  9. For sure Dennis.

    I could have sworn I heard Gord Miller give a stat that we know… but seldom hear. (at least I seldom do)

    The Habs are one of the very worst teams 5 on 5 in the league. That pretty much sums it up.

    Some will continue to bash Price of course.

  10. two great young goalies. halak finds a way to win, price hasn’t yet for whatever reason. they are two of only a half dozen on this team that deserve to wear the CH on their sweaters, IMO. and that includes jackquiz martin. i hope these bums prove me wrong, and i’m talking about more than just making the playoffs.

    how many of your posters were around for the great dynasties of the seventies and before where winning the cup was the only acceptable goal and if you were beaten it was by the better team not because 95% of the team mailed in their effort.

    thanks for allowing me to vent.

  11. I commenter over at FHF, Jaybird, found these stats and i found them pretty interesting, take a look:

    “Price has played 24 games in which the Canadiens scored 2 goals or less.
    In those 24 games Price has a .918 SV% and is 3-19-2 in those games.

    Halak has played 14 games in which the Canadiens scored 2 goals or less.
    In those 14 games Halak has a .898 SV% and is 2-10-2 in those games.

    Halak’s record with 3 or more goals of support? 22-2-1
    Price’s record with 3 or more goals of support? 10-1-3”

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