Halak Finds His Pot Of Gold

Jaroslav Halak has signed a 4-year, 15 million dollar contract with the St. Louis Blues as reported by Puck Daddy and Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos.

And therein lies the reason Halak wanted to leave Montreal. He knew the Canadiens were probably committed to Carey Price, and no team in this day and age can have two high-priced goalies in their budget. There’s no way Montreal was going to give Halak 15 million bucks unless they gave up on Price, which they weren’t prepared to do, and he understood that.

If it’s true Halak had said his goodbyes to his Habs teammates at the end of the playoffs because he knew he wouldn’t be re-signing, then all along he and his agent handled things properly with the outcome being exactly as they thought it might transpire. After all, he put on a 15 million-dollar performance in the playoffs.

Now, will Price sign for similar numbers with the Canadiens?

More details of the Halak signing can be found here: Montreal Gazette

15 thoughts on “Halak Finds His Pot Of Gold”

  1. Dennis, the link is coming up at my end. It’s just a list of NHL goalies’ salaries by a site called nhlnumbers.com.
    I think Price should be paid in the $2 million range, for two or maybe three years. I think it’s a more than fair and still leaves the team with cap space.

  2. Dennis, a few more thoughts on this…

    First off, I would really be happy if I got a raise like the one I think Price should get!

    Also, it might be interesting to ask everybody to take a guess at what they believe Price will end up signing for and see who comes closest.

    Of course he may not sign at all. Then what??? I think it would go to arbitration, but I am not sure how this works… I don’t even want to think about it.

    Negotiations should be interesting. Maybe the Habs made a strategic mistake not signing Price first before trading Halak. But what’s done is done.

    There is a glut of goalies on the market so you would hope Price’s agent remains reasonable and realistic. But on the other hand, Jaro got a pretty sweet deal, in my opinion. And in comparison it could raise Price’s value — at least according to the agent.

    Did St. Louis pay too much for Jaro? Only time will tell if the Blues made the right move. But money only buys salaries — not wins.

    Goalies can have red-hot streaks and then turn stone cold. Look at Tim Tomas who is getting $5 million a year from Boston. And he didn’t even see action in the playoffs. Nice work if you can get it…

    The point is, paying a goalie tons and tons of money based on past performance is no guarantee that he will lead the team to glory.

    I’ll miss Halak. He was a class act.

  3. I had thought that the halak trade would bring the end of this management regime this season as soon as price again stumbles BUT it may happen now this summer if price stands firm and wants the type of money he deserves as the gms told him and the media by their actions that he has the better future than halak and if someone else puts in an offer for him at even $2.6 million all it would cost them is a 2nd round pick. but why should price not think with the pressure he knows he’ll be under this fall in montreal he deserves at least as much as halak got. Do you think Molsons isn’t thinking right now(maybe even before giving Boivin notice) – “why didnt you at least sign one of them before you traded the other away?”

    The incompetants gauthier/gainey and brisebois should have signed one or the other BEFORE trading the other away. this price situation now can now bring down the entire management.

  4. Bill, you and Danno bring up the most curious thing of all; why wasn’t Price signed before Halak was dealt. I think even I as a GM would have made sure this was done. Now Price has a big advantage in getting big bucks.

  5. Thanks, Danno. The thing that jumps out is the part about maybe the team should have got a goalie signed before dealing the other. This not having Price under contract could get real messy. Man there’s been some interesting conversations here lately.

  6. I think the Habs will over pay again. I doubt he’ll get Halak-ian numbers because Price can’t justify them. Why do NHL-ers always get raises for smallest improvements. Price doesn’t deserve a raise base don his performance on and off the ice. But I think the Habs will pay $2.5 for 4 years ($10 million). Then again, price does have huge upside if he plays to potential. I hope he is scared and nervous this summer and prpeares properly.

  7. Shit, Mayo. You always put things so well. Every sentence said a great deal. I too hope he’s scared and nervous and ready to play like he’s never played before.

  8. I’m still hoping cooler heads will prevail and he’ll sign for about $2 million a year.

    Compared to Jaro’s $4 million, that would mean we got Carey for half Price.

    Of course his agent might think he’s got Gauthier over a barrel and play hardball.

    It’s a risky game for both sides. With no guarantee of a happy ending.

    The suspense is killing me.

  9. I have had the why didn’t they sign Price first scenario dancing through my head for quite some time and what I wonder now is if they had signed Price to a cheap multi-year contract at the time how angry would he have been when his contract was up. There has to be a certain amount of respect shown for the goalie of the future. Though it is a buisness just look at how arbitration hearings can and usually do sour future negotiations. Not something they need with Price as he will be a UFA before you know it.

  10. I’m going to split the difference between everyone. It’s not a complete cop out as it’s what I predicted when Halak was traded. I’d like to see Price given 3 years for $2.5M per matching Mayo’s average. I agree with Danno that he really only deserves about $2M, but I’m a pessimist and if anything I suspect it will go up rather than down.

    As Bill points out dangerous situations arise if Price signs an offer sheet from another team. I say if it’s under $3.1M we have to curse and match it and if it’s above curse and take the 1st and 3rd round picks. This might be what Price is holding out for.

    The CBA requires him to sign something by December 1 or lose the year. So only 2 months of being screwed with Ault and Sanford as our goalies.

  11. Habs need to sign him sooner rather than later. If they wait, they send bad mesages to other teams who may get excited and think he’s available. Whatever happened to players who truly give back to the fans by taking pay cuts when they know they have to. Price knows the habs fans. He should step out and sign for less. Mature up Carey and give us habs fans something to respect you for. I know its a business but put some integrity on the table for us to see.

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