Halak A Rock In Beantown

It was like a rerun of Tuesday’s Canucks game. Jaroslav Halak stopped 45 shots, including a slew of beauties, and the Habs skate away with an anxious 3-2 shootout win in Boston. It’s a beautiful thing, regardless of the wide margin in shots, 47-25, because  the Habs rebounded from a 2-0 hole and stole two big, honkin’ points.

It’s the kind of thing that drives Bruins fans to drink.

Glen Metropolit lit the fuse by kicking things off on the power play with less than three minutes to go in the second period, and Roman Hamrlik tied it 39 seconds later. And all this happened after I’d begun to get antsy and started looking for some head cold pills in the kitchen.

So from now on, when the team needs a goal or two, I’m going to look for some head cold pills. It could be what we’ve been missing all along.

Brian Gionta scored in the shootout after Tomas Plekanec and Scott Gomez failed to connect. Like the first two batters striking out in the ninth and the third guy hits one over the fence.

With Halak, I hope he’s in good shape because he’ll be getting the lion’s share of the work from here on in. Halak has been outstanding, solid as a rock, and he gives his team, as he did tonight and against Vancouver, a chance to win with his heroics. I’m sure the boys have whipped up a healthy appetite tonight in Boston, so when they go out, they’d better spring for a big steak and a couple of cool Samuel Adams for their goalie.

Hell, they should carry his bags.

Random Notes:

Whats’ become more annoying than fingernails on a blackboard or listening to Mike Milbury? It’s Benoit Brunet’s constant muttering of “ei yi yi.”  We heard “ei yi yi” about 25 times tonight. Or was it 2500 times?

Sergei Kostitsyn, on the strength of his good game against the Canucks, got to see what the penthouse looked like, playing with Plekanec and Benoit Pouliot. And especially early on, Sergei had good chances.

Pittsburgh’s in Montreal on Saturday for a matinee game. I think it’s a 3:00 PM eastern start, but you’d better check anyway. I don’t want to be responsible for you turning the thing on and the first period’s over.

Atlanta has traded Ilya Kovalchuk to the Devils for a package that includes suspended Rouyn-Noranda forward Patrice Cormier, who is now in the bad books of just about everybody in the free world for his lethal use of an elbow.

Kovalchuk had turned down an Atlanta offer of over $100 million over 12 years even though he said he wanted to remain a Thrasher. Hey, with the way things are nowadays, with the price of groceries and everything, $100 million isn’t what it used to be. So I understand completely.

9 thoughts on “Halak A Rock In Beantown”

  1. Dennis, I checked the NHL site and it’s a 2:00 p.m. start for the Pens @ Montreal on Saturday.
    As for Brunet, I think it’s more like an “Oye, oye, oye…” and yes, he does say it a lot. Maybe it’s because he’s not allowed to swear during the telecast.
    Halak stole another one. The Boston police should have arrested him for it.
    It was great to see us come from behind and grind it out. Notice the refs were being very generous to the Bruins giving them all the breaks and even a 4 on 3 in O/T.
    But it was a giant goal by our tiny giant – Gionta – that did it.
    Now we’re in sixth place (at least for the moment) and we can back to planning the parade again.

  2. Great game, I think it’s safe to say that Halak has become our #1.
    Let the trade rumours for Carey fly.
    We got a beating in shots, as usual. Jacques Martin’s gotta fixed that, or else we’ll be plumetting downward like Lindsay Lohan’s career.

    I’m Glad Metro broke out of his slump, he played with heart and hustle.

    Who knew Hamrlik had such a good shot?!

    But Halak was the main event of the game, saved our asses during regulation, saved our asses during overtime, saved our asses during the Shootout.

    All hail Halak.

  3. Hi Dennis – Well, glad to see the Bruins are playing the way they are now. Gives me a legitimate reason to quaff some Labatts. (Like I need an excuse?!) It was an entertaining game and if anyone has to get a goal against Rask, I’m glad it was Metro. He’s my favorite.

    Ole, ole. You deserved to win and go to the playoffs.

  4. Hope you had fun, Diane. And good seats too. And cold beer in your mouth, not on your head. And we’ll see about the playoffs. Montreal takes two steps forward, two back. They need me as owner.

  5. Thanks Danno. See, if people listened to me they’d miss the first period. Sixth place. Geez, I’m getting dizzy.

  6. Dennis, must be a connection between cold tablets and Habs coming from behind to win. My lovely wife had to take some and the Habs were down 2-0 but came back to win after.
    Stock up on the medicine…

  7. That’s it, Danno. From now on, when the boys are down, I’m goung for cold tablets. Even if I don’t have a cold. Even if I don ‘t have any cold tablets. Between your wife and I, I see something very mysterious. The team may be thanking her and I come late spring.

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