Hal Gill Can Become Even More Important

This is where Hal Gill should be even more important. The Canadiens giant D-man, who’s been blocking shots like nobody’s business, played for Pittsburgh last year, won the Cup with them, and knows the ins-and-outs of their system and the nuances of coach Dan Bylsma.

He knows what makes Crosby/Malkin tick, and he may even know some serious downsides to the Penguins game.

It’s like having a giant spy.

3 thoughts on “Hal Gill Can Become Even More Important”

  1. the pens know he can be beaten to the outside. i’m sure he knows they know. will be interesting to see how he counters.
    go habs

  2. Ah, poor Halak got pulled. The announcers are saying he needs rest and shouldn’t have played.

    Still early in the playoffs, CH, get the nerves out of the way and GO HABS GO!!!!!!

    NAncy and I are cheering for you, WE will WIN!

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