Habs Squeak It Out In The Nation’s Capital

Habs battled Ottawa to win their fourth in a row, although things got a little dicey as the game moved into the late stages. But we’ve seen this before, and a win is a win. At least they didn’t let it slip away.

It was quite nerve-wracking in the last five minutes of the game as the Habs hung on to a 2-1 lead, barely touching the puck for lengthy amounts of time, and it didn’t help when Josh Gorges took a penalty for holding with just 1:31 left in the game. But they held their ground while shorthanded and with the Ottawa goalie on the bench, and that’s two points we’ll take, thank you very much.

It may have been a nail-biter, but the Canadiens definitely weren’t short of chances. It seemed on this night almost everybody had a shot at playing hero. Andrei Kostitsyn missed on a clear-cut breakaway, Cammy came within a whisker a couple of times, and even Hal Gill came close once. But on most chances, the Canadiens just couldn’t finish.

Except twice that is, for two great goals.

Erik Cole converted a sweet little close-in set up from Mike Cammalleri to get things rolling, and shortly after, Lars Eller had the puck handed to him, he did a little shuffle, and moved it over to Andrei Kostitsyn to make it 2-0.

How I wanted that third goal and a shutout, but as we’ve seen before, other teams begin to pick it up a notch, and the Sens did manage to score and strike fear into the hearts of Habs fans. But the Canadiens held on with Gorges in the box, and with it move to within one point of the Rangers, who hold down 9th spot. And wouldn’t you know, Montreal heads to Broadway to meet these same Rangers in a big, juicy game Samedi soir..

Random Notes:

Carey Price was knocked around several times, but he’s a big boy and can handle this kind of thing. He’s a rodeo cowboy, don’t forget.

Shots on goal – Ottawa 34, Habs 26

The Sens also hit the post in the late stages, which is way too close for comfort, and they owned the puck for much of the third. But all I see is the scoreboard, and it reads a win for the Habs.

I thought Tomas Plekanec played well, and Price sparkled on occasion. In fact, the team as a whole wasn’t nearly as rusty as I had thought they’d be after their week-long break. The boys must have had solid practices and slept in separate beds from their wives while at home.

Toronto remains on top in the east and it has to be any day now before they come crashing down with a thud. It’s just not natural to see them up in the penthouse like this. In fact, it defies all laws of nature.

7 thoughts on “Habs Squeak It Out In The Nation’s Capital”

  1. Hey Dennis, I was inpressed by the Habs last nite,they had a lot of shot on Anderson but he played quite well,Carey Price did what he does best.I was hoping for him to get the shutout ,but it didnt happen.Brendan is out of Afganistan in 20 days,awesome.

  2. Derry, that’s fantastic news about your son. We’re proud of him and all of our soldiers fighting for us.

  3. Dennis, I did like JW and invaded enemy territory last night. I hopped on the bus with a couple of buddies from work to occupy Scotiablank Place along with about 20,000 other crazy Habs fans.

    We were way up at the very top row in section 304. They’re almost the cheapest seats, but you still get a pretty good view of the game from way up there.

    It was much, much noisier when Montreal scored than when Ottawa scored. Also the singing of Olé, olé, olé, Go habs Go, and Carey, Carey! drowned out any feeble attempts to cheer by the hometown fans.

    And after the final buzzer a sea of Habs celebrated the victory.

    The bus ride home was lots of fun and I must say I’m feeling a little delicate this morning.

    I’m looking forward to the Habs extending their four-game winning streak tonight as they take on the New York Rangers tonight at Madison Square Gardens – which is not located on Madison Avenue, isn’t square and hasn’t got any gardens. What’s up with that?

    MSG also stands for monosodium glutamate which is a flavour enhancer often added to Chinese food and other dishes which some people get a bad reaction from including headaches, dizziness, nausea etc.

    Go figure.

    And John Tortorella – a deranged Fonzie lookalike – is the Rangers’ coach. He is the polar opposite of Jacques Martin’s, bland, boring, comatose personality. You couldn’t get a bigger contrast in styles from the opposing bench bosses. Tortorella will be trying to extend the Rangers’ two-game win streak.

    Then they’re the sideshow. The Gong Show on skates – also known as Sean Avery – makes his debut with the Rangers tonight.

    Avery – the worm in the Big Apple – was recalled after being put on waivers and rejected by every other team in the league. Expect him to be a total @-hole and to give some of us a reaction worse than we would get from MSG.

  4. Danno, what a surprise! Was this planned or spur of the moment? That sounds like loads of fun and good for you!

  5. It was a spur of the moment thing Dennis. A friend at work had four tickets and was taking his wife and another buddy of mine and he asked me on Friday if I’d like to go. It was a blast.

  6. Dennis, again I don’t understand the Canadiens, they dominated play until they got their “insurmountable” two goal lead and then seemed to let up. I’ve seen better offensive play by teams short-handed.

    I listened to this game on the local radio broadcast. Hard to believe but they’re more biased than Cole or even Milbury. Whenever Montreal had the puck they would just sleepily mumble the action except to emphasize a great save by Anderson. While the Sens had the puck they would wake up and yell the action. Any time a Hab would touch a Sen, he would deserve a penalty. Surprisingly they didn’t think Gorges penalty at the end of the game was warranted except as a make-up for earlier missed calls.

    Derry, the country is proud of your son and all the armed forces with which they all serve so honourably.

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