Had To Change

No, you’re not hallucinating. I’m forced to change the look of my site.

My old one, which I really liked, wasn’t compatible with WordPress anymore and I was playing with fire. It could’ve crashed at any time.

It’s not easy to find a decent theme, but Robin in Powell River, who set this blog up for me originally, is once again hard at work putting this new one up.

This’ll be the third time the look has changed. The first one was green.




9 thoughts on “Had To Change”

  1. This isn’t too bad. The image at the top needs to be fixed though. I need to do a banner for you. I still have to do that caricature of you..I could incorporate it into the banner.

  2. Kinda like the locker room… I think LaFleur skating would be incredibly awesome, but since he’s my favorite of all-time, I might be prejudiced

  3. What if we woke up one day to a CHANGE in the dressing room and/or leadership room—we would adapt!!To a computer-illiterate like me [14 min per word!-in high school it was 14 words per min] I can still find your page so the process of getting there is a electronic accomplishment well worth the time. You keep doing your interesting write-ups and things will be okay in CH-fan world.

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