Habs Wrapped By Jackets

It just wasn’t enough on this night for the Montreal Canadiens as they fall 3-2 to the visiting Blue Jackets.

But spending half the third period in the penalty box didn’t help. Either did the shorthanded goal the Canadiens allowed in the first period.

But it’s over now and we move on and concentrate on Saturday’s meet and greet with the Leafs at the ACC.

The guys were good on the penalty kill though as the Blue Jackets went 0/8 on the power play and the Canadiens also killed a big 5 on 3 and a four minute high sticking infraction to Tomas Plekanec.

But too many penalties. Six to Columbus’ two in the last two periods, including a too-many-men, which always sucks.

They still managed to make a game o f it, even though the fine-looking Blue Jackets team had lots of chances which caused Carey Price to sprawl desperately all over the place far too often.

It was 1-0 Habs on the power play in the first period after Brendan Gallagher’s rebound hit a Columbus player and went in, and it became tied at two in the third period when Thomas Vanek once again got the crowd roaring after a nice one-timer set up by Max.

But Columbus would take the lead, hold it, and Montreal’s winning streak, which sat at three games, comes to an abrupt end.

Can’t win ’em all.

Random Notes:

Columbus had lots of shots – 40 to 27, and the Canadiens kept it close anyway.

Lars Eller was awarded a penalty shot but failed to score. It would’ve tied it at that point, but Vanek would get it done not long after.

Max was in a fight with Ryan Johansen, Max’s fourth career fight and his first in 790 days. He also got the better of Johansen, who was dangerous all evening it seemed. This is a great young player, a B.C. boy from Port Moody, which is just east of Vancouver..

Next up – Toronto on Saturday. It goes without saying that the Canadiens need to grab two points and help drive another nail into the Leafs’ coffin.


7 thoughts on “Habs Wrapped By Jackets”

  1. To me, Columbus just looked like the hungrier, more desperate team last night. And, I think that I’ve had enough of Lars Eller. He looks completely lost out there and it is costing the team……….

  2. This team takes too many nights off. (Barf) Boston has won all these games by taking nights off!

    Spacing on rushes between CBJ and my team was obvious. They spread us out on their attacks, we’re clumped by the boards. Our players can’t backhand a puck out of our end to save their lives… I just think how many games these guys would be up if someone took control. I’m starting a Guy Boucher count down…

    I dread Saturday’s game. The Make Believes will be overly aggressive and the zebras aren’t going to call them on it. I pray that the points from the next three games don’t all come Tuesday night!

  3. The Leafs always play like world champs when they play the Habs, which makes me nervous. And yes, Columbus looked good last night and we didn’t, even though we had a chance to win it. Just one of those nights that wasn’t impressive but if they trounce the Laffs, it’ll make up for it. I was just surprised to see Columbus outskate the Canadiens. That’s not supposed to happen. We’re a skating team and if we’re outskated, something’s not right.

  4. Ian, I don’t know what to say about Eller. He holds onto the puck, never seems to get angry, skates up the ice well and then loses it, like Gomez would do. I’m very curious to see what the future holds for Lars Eller.

  5. With eight penalties to CBJ’s four, we spent way too much time in the sin bin – although our penalty killing was 100% effective. It’s tough to get momentum and flow going when there’s a continuous parade in and out of the box. More discipline will be required tomorrow night.

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