Habs Wives, Slumps, The Defence, And Other Things I Don’t Have Time To Talk About

There’s just not enough time in this day.

No time to mention that this seven-game road trip the Canadiens have embarked on will let them be home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then it’s off to Long Island for a Boxing Day tilt. 

But the ill-timed road trip could be both good and bad. Bad because the boys won’t be home with their loved ones for any length of time in this holiday season, and good because they won’t have to spend much time driving in horrendous weather on busy freeways going to jam-packed malls to find gifts.

I guess the wives are stuck doing this, and I’m assuming they’re swearing at the schedule-maker as we speak.

But it’s better than it used to be, when most teams played on Christmas night. It’s only been modern times and a new Collective Bargaining Unit that saw this Scooge-like action change.

There’s also no time to whine about the slump the Habs are in now, losing to Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, then squeezing in a win against Boston before losing to Colorado. I’d like to harp about this, but the clock is ticking.

I just wish I could go on about Hal Gill and Josh Gorges going about their business in workmanlike, no-frills fashion, while Roman Hamrlik can’t catch speedsters, Jaro Spacek and PK Subban continue to be less-than-perfect, and Alexandre Picard can’t control guys swooping around him near the net, but I’m already late and have to hustle.

There’s no way I can get into certain player slumps, but I do have time to say that one huge factor in a player slumping can be attributed to size. If a smaller player doesn’t play large, with a raging heart, he’s going to be stopped by bigger players on an almost regular basis until he finds the fortitude to bulldoze through.

Didn’t Albert Einstein once come up with a formula that said, “small x competing against big y will get tired and will be stopped frequently if he doesn’t have big balls?”

I’d sure like to ramble on about Carey Price and the job he’s doing between the pipes, because where would the boys be without him and his cobra-like reflexes? One could say the Canadiens are doing well, sitting 3rd in the Eastern Conference, but in reality, they’re only two points ahead of eighth-place Boston.

And to take it one step further, the team presently has 40 points while two years ago, 2008-2009, after these same amount of games (33), they had 42 points. In that year they made the playoffs only because 9th place Florida, with identical wins and losses, scored a few less goals.

So are they doing really well?

And even if I had the time, I wouldn’t know what to say about Jacques Martin. He doesn’t give much away, and I suppose the best way to measure him would be for us to get together and guzzle a bunch of beer and see the true personality. However, I’m fairly sure this isn’t going to happen. I’d just really like to see Jacque letting it all out and staggering around with a lampshade on his head.

The main thing now, as I get ready to fill up my day, is for the boys to start winning again, and look good as they do it, starting in Dallas Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, I’m in a mad rush. And as the Chambers Brothers once sang, “Time has come today.”

Whatever that means.

6 thoughts on “Habs Wives, Slumps, The Defence, And Other Things I Don’t Have Time To Talk About”

  1. Dennis, they are probably worrying about what to get YOU for Christmas. What size jersey? How to impress the new owner in the wings!

    Sorry the delay, just moved to a new home. As a fan of the Habs, glad to see the better team won against the Bruins!

    Fa la la la la!

  2. Thanks, Danno. I saw saw the Chambers Brothers live at the Atlantic City Pop Festival in 1969 and they did a really long version of “Time’ which blew the crowd away. It was one of the highlights of the festival and they stood their ground amongst a Woodstock-like lineup. I’ve always liked this tune a lot, and I didn’t know the Ramones did a version of it. And you’re right, time has come for the Habs to stop their nonsense.

  3. Diane, I hope your house is perfect for you and I also hope you’ll get, if you don’t already have one, a super-duper large TV to watch hockey on. You need this. And if the team wants to impress their future owner, they can find me an original sweater from the 1920’s. That’s my Christmas wish. That and a 12 game winning streak. Congrats on the house. When’s the house-warming party?

  4. Well its 4-1 for Dallas as I write this and based on past experience its game over. This team just doesn’t have the jam to come back once they are down by a couple of goals. On a more positive note a Merry Christmas to you and all your family and a thank you for providing this space to voice opinion on our Habs. Hears hoping the new year brings an end to the trade freeze and some help for the team.

  5. Thanks Don. I appreciate so much when you and everyone else has their great say here. And Merry Christmas to you and yours also. Game over 5-2. Ouch.

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